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Sign Company That Makes Lighted Signs

Companies that make lighted signs have some very expensive equipment in their facilities, but they also have lots of products! They spend money to research the best way to create your own unique sign before offering it for sale.

Most people are familiar with those large foam core boards that companies use to make car hood decorations or house numbers. These pieces get cut into place and painted, then attached to the vehicle or house.

But what many people don’t realize is that most professional grade lighted signs are much more than just decorations. Many include additional components such as lens covers, bulbs, wires, and even backing sheets so you can put the decoration next to a window and still feel safe!

There are several types of lights used for these purposes including neon tubes, LED lighting, and fluorescents. Some manufacturers offer both plastic and metal casings to protect LEDs from getting broken during transportation or installation.

It is important to know which type of Sign Company That Makes Lighted Signs is appropriate for your project because not all Sign companies are Professional Quality Sign Makers

Low Cost

Sign company that makes lighted signs

One of the best ways to streamline your business is by spending less money! With LED lighted channel letters.

Most companies will tell you that their lights cost around $1 per unit. The problem with this is that it can be very expensive if you are doing a lot of marketing during busy times.

We have found some incredible deals at incredibly low prices. Some even have free shipping which is great for those looking to start up or expand their business!

Some examples of these light bar brands include VIVOBARTS, FLIP, AND COBRA. All three of these light bars offer extremely powerful lights at an affordable price.

Exterior Lighting

Sign company that makes lighted signs

Even if you don’t sell cars, I’d recommend at least taking a look into the way different car dealerships use exterior lighting.

Exteriors are an integral part of how people perceive your business!

People will form opinions about your dealership and brand before they even step foot inside your showroom- which can have a big impact on their future buying decisions.

That’s why it is so important to use interior and exterior lighting that sets off in a positive light.

It should create a feeling of warmth, confidence, and well being for potential customers. It may also give some insight as to what qualities your business has that make them special.

Interior lights should be used to illuminate areas such as showrooms, reception rooms, or offices. They should be bright but not overly so, otherwise it could hurt someone’s perception of the space.

Exterior lighting comes in many forms- direct flashes, indirect flashers (similar to large shop lamps), and bollards. All three work effectively to create a welcoming atmosphere, help emphasize certain features of the vehicle, and increase safety by helping drivers see more clearly.

Interior Lighting


Another very popular way to liven up your car is by adding interior lighting. There are many products that can be installed into your vehicle’s interior to give you some extra light, or even take over the entire process!

Many people use these types of lights for night driving. Some install them in their cars as an additional source of illumination when they were getting ready for work and needed more light. Or maybe it was for staying out later with friends?

Whatever the reason, these things cost around $20-30 per piece, but will always pay off! The best way to determine if this is necessary is to test it out during one of your frequent rides.

Power Supply

Sign company that makes lighted signs

A power supply is an integral part of any electrical device. A power supply takes in energy from a source and then distributes that energy to devices it supports.

Power supplies come in many forms, but they all share one thing – voltage! A volt means “a measure of pressure” so higher numbers mean more pressure or strength.

A computer uses electricity to work, and we need a good quality power supply to ensure everything works properly. Too much voltage can cause your equipment to malfunction, too little voltage will not give enough power to whatever you are using it with.

There are two types of power supplies used for lighted signs- direct current (DC) powered supplies and alternating current (AC) powered supplies. DC supplies use a constant voltage to provide power to their connected devices, while AC supplies switch between high and low voltage levels to provide power.

Lighted sign companies typically use AC powered supplies as they require less space than a DC powered supply and cables cannot interfere with the display. Most manufacturers also have professional grade products which are better quality than casual users could make themselves.

Dimmer Switches

Sign company that makes lighted signs

Dimmer switches are one of the most important parts in any lighted sign. They regulate how much light your logo, name, or product flashes off and down.

Most professional illuminated signs have several dimmers built into them. Some companies only need one or two, but anything more than that is wasting money!

There are many types of dimmers to choose from, so it’s best to know what ones are worth investing in before buying one.

Some things to consider include if you want a low cost solution, look for low-cost flasher boards that can be picked up at Walmart or Amazon. If better quality is needed, check out our article about great LED flashers here.

For extra durable products that last longer, look for solid state dimmers which use less electricity to work.

Product Quality

Sign company that makes lighted signs

When buying your first set of lighted signs, make sure you are looking for quality products! Companies that have good reviews and testimonials are professional sign sellers that know what they are selling and how to sell it.

There are several different qualities of led sign lights that most companies use. Make sure to look up each company’s lighting system and see whether or not it is eco-friendly and if there are any concerns about the safety of the product.

Eco-Friendly Sign Lights

Company names like GloZone and Luminate produce their own internal batteries which do not contain chemicals such as lithium. These batteries can be recycled easily once they are no longer needed.

GloZone also uses copper filament bulbs which reduce potential exposure to heavy metals. Although not totally risk free, these types of bulbs are more environmentally friendly than ones made with mercury.

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