Tripp Lite’s New Digital Signage Stands Offer Quick Setup and Portability

Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, offers simple, cost-efficient stands for displaying information, directions or entertainment in almost any setting, including trade shows, corporate offices, schools, healthcare facilities, retail stores, malls, airports, museums and hotels.tripp lite

Tripp Lite’s new digital signage stands accommodate flat-screen displays or interactive touchscreens up to 70 inches. The stands are a smaller, less expensive alternative to rolling TV/monitor carts, yet they still provide the convenience of portability.

Six different stands are available to hold a variety of screen sizes and weights. All of the stands feature quick, easy setup and VESA-compliant brackets for hassle-free display mounting.

  • Tripod stands (models DMPDS2342TRIC and DMPDS3770TRIC) feature adjustable height.
  • Folding stands (models DMPDS3255F and DMPDS3255CF) fold flat. DMPDS3255CF has handles and rear casters for smooth rolling.
  • Easel stands (models DMPDS4970 and DMPDS5570S) have snap-lock brackets for quick assembly and include wire rope to prevent tipping. DMPDS5570S has a built-in shelf for peripherals.

“A rolling display cart may not always be practical for digital signage in smaller spaces,” said Karenann Brow, Tripp Lite’s Director of Product Marketing for Surge, Power Strips and Display Mounts. “Tripp Lite’s portable digital signage stands have compact designs that allow users to bring their message to their audience almost anywhere. The stands are flexible solutions for everything from temporary wayfinders to permanent signage.”

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s Portable Digital Signage Stands

  • Stands are available to accommodate displays from 23 to 70 inches
  • Portable form factors bring digital signage almost anywhere
  • Compact designs fit in small spaces
  • Simple setup enables fast deployment
  • VESA-compliant brackets provide no-hassle display mounting

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EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus

A 63-in., single-pass, UV-LED inkjet display graphics machine that prints CMYK+white with optional orange and violet inks. Prints synthetic media and paper-based materials as fast as 1,000 sheets or boards per hour.


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Your Voice Inspires Our Reporting on Small Sign Companies

HERE’S THE THING about asking for feedback: You get it. For years prior to this, I’d written many articles and a regular column. I could count on one hand — heck, two fingers — the number of emails I received from readers.

This year that’s changed. We introduced our Brain Squad survey group and have been publishing their contributions since our redesigned April issue. Brain Squad members supply us with not only tips, anecdotes, to-do items and Benchmarks projects, but also questions and “letters to the editor” — all submitted though our monthly surveys.

If you haven’t noticed already, look all over this issue for contributions from your colleagues. And you can join them by signing up at

Some questions or “letters” we’ve received from Brain Squad members ask us to feature more projects within the range of smaller sign companies. Sure, we all love and are impressed — hopefully inspired, too — by multimillion-dollar sign projects, such those featured in our July cover story. But what about projects for “mere mortal” signshops?

Well, we’ve got some for you this month. And I don’t mean to disparage these projects as “mere” by any stretch. Every kind of sign demands top-notch design, fabrication and installation to fulfill the sign’s intention. Of course, these are easier with some signs than others, but there’s nothing “mere” about the monument signs featured this month or the “mortal-made” projects any month.

Ever since I started on this magazine, I’ve strived to be the voice of realism, checking the impulse of favoring spectaculars and the like with great projects from the other 7/8ths of the sign world — the equivalent of an iceberg’s mass below the surface.

So, please understand that Signs of the Times knows you’re there and we all respect the hell out of what you do.

mark-signature updated

5 Smart Tips from This Issue

  1. Keep in mind the myriad options of sign blanks. (Tech Products)
  2. Diversify your product offerings with a laser engraver. (Things Remembered)
  3. Target a gross profit of 70% or greater. (Maggie Harlow)
  4. Choose new customers and new projects carefully. (Dale Salamacha)
  5. Eliminate hot spots and other problems from reverse channel letters. (Mars Bravo)

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Do You Have a Star Intern? Offer an Apprenticeship – Before It’s Too Late

The Apprentice

Summer’s almost over and the start of school is just around the corner. Are you sad thinking about your summer temp or intern leaving? Try offering them an apprenticeship that extends past the summer, into the school year and beyond. Good help can be expensive and hard to find. Here’s your chance to possibly mold a young person into a cross-trained new employee, who will be ready to step into an opening after they graduate.

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New Shop Provides a Blueprint for Sign Industry Financial Basics

WENDY ZACCAGNINI OF CLAYTON, NC was looking to supplement her graphic design income when she sent out some feelers and found something unexpected: a business for sale! “Word got to me that a gentleman nearby was looking for help, so I gave him a call, figuring he was looking for a part-time designer,” Wendy said. “Come to find out, he ran his own little signshop, and was looking to move to Florida and sell his business. How could I not jump on the opportunity?” Now the newly minted owner of Zucchini Ink, a home-based signshop, she is quickly learning the ropes of how to simultaneously run a small business while developing her entrepreneurial skills. Whether your signshop is a one-woman show or a multi-million dollar fabrication shop, the basics are, well, the basics!

Wendy Zaccagnini, owner of Zucchini Ink (Clayton, NC)

Wendy agreed to the use of her shop’s financials as a leaping-off point to discuss the financial metrics of the sign business, and, hopefully, propel her on the path toward being in the position to invest in equipment, employees and more in the future.

I asked my friend and colleague, Greg Williams of Sign 4, an independent Louisville signshop, to join me reviewing Wendy’s 2021 P/L and balance sheets as a way to mentor her as a team.
Wendy has a small but steady base of business she runs from her home. With her background in graphic design, she does all design work herself and outsources the product from wholesalers.
Greg and I put together some advice to help Wendy “tweak” her results:

Gross Profit Goal of 70%

Wendy is at about 60% gross profit for 2021, excluding labor. However, when measuring gross profit (with or without production labor), be consistent and make changes when something is out of line. Greg and I calculated Wendy’s gross profit simply by subtracting her cost of goods from her revenue.

Greg recommended a much healthier multiplier on the materials she is purchasing. Wendy currently marks up her costs two times — and Greg pushed for more! “My philosophy is that cheap shops close,” he said. Be savvy about buying materials and then charge enough to make it worth your while!

Graphic Design Rates

Wendy is a designer, so she feels it’s easy to justify doing design work cheaply. She is charging $30 per hour, far below market. “You can charge at least double that,” Greg said. I encouraged Wendy to charge even three times that rate for really creative logo work. With whatever work owners do for their clients, they should charge what it’s worth, so eventually they can hire someone to replace themselves.

Package your design services. Logo work can require unending hours of edits. I encouraged Wendy to sell logo design as a fully described set of hours, so that if the client pushes for edits and changes, she has established that the changes will add cost.

When Wendy and I chatted about these adjustments to her business model, she was immediately eager and interested in getting started! No matter how long someone is in business, staying flexible and being willing to learn are key skills.

Watch for part two of this story about Wendy and Zucchini Ink! Next month we’ll have more tips and ideas for enhancing her bottom line and cultivating an ideal client base.

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Where Can I Find New Employees?

Q: Where can I find new employees?

A: We’ve been getting SO MANY questions like this! Given the size, dispersion, range of materials, equipment and types of signs out there — not to mention the different and unique positions within a sign company — unfortunately, there is no one, good answer to this question.

What we can offer is the incredibly funny, offbeat, but also insightful experiences of hiring employees that our Shop Operations columnist Dale Salamacha, his partner Rick Ream and others on staff describe in the episode of their YouTube show titled “Finding Good Employees And Our Epic Fails.” And if you like what you see, subscribe to Dale’s channel, “Media 1 Wrap This,” named after his and Rick’s Sanford, FL sign company.

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SAi Opens New Office in Florida

SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing, textile and CNC machining industries, has opened a new office in Sarasota, Florida. Several employees of SAi have relocated to Florida and will be working out of that office, including Dan Purjes, the company’s Chairman and majority owner.
Dan Purjes said, “SAi was the first software company in the wide-format printing industry to offer design and RIP products on a subscription basis. During the pandemic of 2020, SAi saw its business grow significantly, both in revenue and profits, and in the first half of 2021, SAi has seen an even more substantial growth in its business. Our expansion into Florida is a natural extension of that growth into one of the fastest growing states in the country.”

Sai new location
Dan Purjes, Chairman and majority owner of SAi

“Sign and print businesses recognize the exceptional value of our low-cost, full-featured monthly subscriptions coupled with free support, which is why we were able to grow our business during these challenging times,” said Don Feagan, SAi President and CEO.

SAi expects this growth to continue with the new office opening in Sarasota, with other expansion coming soon.

“With senior staff and keyboard members located together in Florida, we can respond more quickly to changes in the market and further develop plans for new innovations and strategies,” said Purjes. “You can expect to see many exciting things from SAi in the future.”

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PPDS Announces Three New Software Partnerships in the Hospitality Sector

PPDS is excited to announce three new partnerships with leading hospitality industry Property Management System (PMS) integrators – Nonius, Nevotek and Imagine Soft – opening up over one hundred additional PMS possibilities, all helping hoteliers maximize the full potential of their in-room TVs for advanced and tailored guest experiences.

ppds hospitality digital signage

Part of PPDS’ new ‘total solutions’ strategy to bring unrivalled and unrestricted choice to the hospitality market, these powerful new collaborations – announced at this year’s AAHOA Convention and Trade Show (AAHOACON21), booth #644 add extensive experience-enhancing control, management, communication and entertainment capabilities to Philips MediaSuite TVs, running on a bespoke interface that conforms to the customer’s exact needs, requirements and ambitions.

The addition of Nonius, Nevotek, and Imagine Soft, sees PPDS exceed any other display manufacturer for choice, with the pair joining Impala and TigerTMS on its ever-growing list of partners and bringing the choice of PMS options to an ever-growing list of around 200.

The new partnerships with Nonius (with 120+ million users worldwide and in 330,000 hotel rooms), Nevotek (with more than 3,000 hotels worldwide) and Imagine Soft (with 3,500 hotels worldwide and in 500,000 hotel rooms), allows hoteliers to unlock the full potential of their TVs through a variety of different means, including helping to drive communications with guests, enhance satisfaction – including world-class entertainment – and driving new revenue streams.

Speaking about the new partnerships, Jeroen Verhaeghe, International Business Manager Professional TV, PPDS said “The hotel TV no longer has to be just a screen in the room, with a single purpose. Like a phone, or a PC, TVs at home and in hotels have evolved beyond their original function, becoming an invaluable communication tool and a vital source for both entertainment and information.

“Coupled with the capabilities and continued innovation of MediaSuite, and working with leading PMS integrators, we’re opening the doors for hoteliers to manage the experience they want for their guests – from the moment they walk into a room to the moment they check out.”

Your TV, Your Choice

The new platforms provide a variety of personalized services for guests, such as welcome messaging, bill viewing, native language selection, personalized offers, and mobile check-in and out services, not typically available on standard interface solutions.

With no additional and costly hardware requirements for Philips MediaSuites needed, each of the partners’ platforms link seamlessly and securely with the TVs’ existing OS, allowing guests to benefit from PPDS’ existing market-leading and often world-first features and functionalities. These include the recently launched embedded Netflix solution – allowing guests to securely access their own Netflix account directly on the hotel TV – and the Chromecast built-in™ functionality, allowing guests to seamlessly stream content (including apps) on the display directly from their device with just the touch of a button.

The platforms also allow hoteliers to offer tailored TV portals (TV channels, movies, sports), and seamlessly integrate other third-party solutions of their choosing, such as Apple TV, Sky, BT, VoD, as well as other live content feeds, such as news and weather, local attractions and transport information.

ppds nonius nevotek imagine softCommenting further on the new partnerships, Verhaeghe said: “Every hotel proprietor, whether running a small property with a handful of rooms, or one with several thousand rooms across multiple locations around the world, will have their own views and preferences on how best to service their guests and how to provide the best possible experience during their stay. At PPDS, we don’t believe in a one size fits all or dictating and restricting choices for our partners. With these partnerships, our TVs are helping hoteliers to act upon and achieve their ambitions to best serve their customers.”

He concluded: “With these new PMS possibilities from Nonius, Nevotek and Imagine Soft – as with Impala and TigerTMS – we’re breaking the industry-mould, giving our customers more choice and greater control of what works best for them.”

Visitors to the PPDS booth (#644) at AAOCON21 will be among the first in North America to view, test and receive one-to-one demonstrations of its latest, ‘new for 2021’ range of dedicated hospitality solutions. Key new products being showcased at the event include the Philips T-Line interactive HD display range and the recently launched ‘revolutionary’ Philips MediaSuite TVs – the world’s first ever Android TVs specifically designed for the hotel room experience.

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All New Tetra® Titan Brings the First 10-Year Power Supply to the Signage Industry

GE Current, a Daintree company, is proud to introduce the signage industry’s first 10-year power supply, the Tetra® Titan. As the leader of the next generation of power supplies, the Titan is built to last, featuring a complete system that has been expertly designed and rigorously tested, and is guaranteed to last a decade.

Current is so confident in the Titan’s 10-year lifespan that it will also be offering a matching 10-year warranty on all 24V Tetra channel letter LED modules, as well as signature signage products like the Tetra Stick, Tetra Snap SS and DS, and the Tetra Edgestrip.

Tetra Snap
Tetra Snap

“Current has always led the signage lighting industry. Being the first to market with a 10-year power supply is neither a surprise nor a coincidence; it is a continuation of our years of innovation and expertise,” said Michel Doss, Vice President of Specialty Products at Current. “The power supply was always the weakest link in an LED system, always carrying a shorter warranty period. The Titan closes that gap.”

Along with the Tetra Titan, Current’s power supply portfolio is growing. The upgraded GLX2 series includes improved 100W and 300W models, as well as an all-new 200W power supply. Each offers better loading compared to the previous generation, with gains of up to 9%.

The Tetra Titan and new GLX2 power supplies are now available in North America through Current’s network of signage distribution partners. Learn more about what makes Tetra signage solutions visibly better and where to buy on Current’s website.

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