What Makes a Good Vehicle Wrap Design? This and More of Your Questions Answered for August

What is the average square-footage price being charged for printing vinyl graphics and for [other] printing and installation?

This variation of “How much should I charge?” used to be covered by the old Signwriters Pricing Guide (last published in 2008). Signwriters would survey sign companies from around the country and then calculate average prices for various signwork. Reactions to the published prices ranged from, “I could never charge that much,” to, “If I charged that little, I’d go out of business.” Nevertheless, the guide remained popular, even “trusted” until its last edition, which was coinciding with improvements in estimating software at the time (now a part of larger sign-business software packages). Your takeaway: National averages might be useful for comparison, but regardless of any average or what’s being charged down the street, you should be pricing your work, based solely on your financial data, to include a target markup or gross profit. If your market demands low prices, obviously, reduce your costs as much as possible.

What makes a good vehicle wrap design?

An undeniable focus on the brand, according to Dan Antonelli, president and chief creative officer of KickCharge Creative (Washington, NJ), author of Building a Big Small Business Brand, and a frequent speaker at ISA Expos on the subject. He noted that few other advertising forms give the viewer such a short time to see the message: “If you can’t take everything away from the wrap going 40 mph, it’s useless.” Antonelli said a good wrap needs only these aspects: strong brand implementation, (sometimes) tagline messaging, a web address and (maybe) a phone number. “For small businesses trying to make an impact in their community, the message is always about the brand,” he said. “Bullet lists, which look more like shopping lists, have no place on a vehicle. This isn’t the Yellow Pages.” For a similar reason, Antonelli discourages the use of photos and making any additional modifications to the vehicle. “When we see something with impact — something that we can actually read and remember — it can’t help but stand out among the visual clutter.” Anything else is a distraction.

Is the customer always right?

From a business viewpoint, we think it’s a good idea to take the view that every customer service problem starts with you.

“Take extreme ownership,” as former Navy SEAL trainer and business book author Jocko Willink put it. But in reality, “the customer is always right” adage is poppycock. A more helpful saying is that the market is always right. When it decides you must change your pricing or business model or whatever, then obey. Or perish.

Are you answering all of the questions being sent in?

We’ve done our best so far, but we’re getting more questions than we can fit here, and some of them have been challenging to answer!

Starting this month, we’ll post all questions that we receive from surveys and the “Ask” email to signsofthetimes.com/ask. There we’ll invite your fellow sign pros to “crowd source” the answers.

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One Year Later, the Client’s Sign Is Still on My Shelf …

Dude, Hold My Sign

We always find it so bizarre that people order signs but then decide they are not ready for their sign and it just sits on the shelf. We have had a sign sitting in our shop for almost a year for a dispensary that keeps saying they are not ready for their sign. I am always curious why people do that… — Willis Wood, RiNo Sign Works, Lakewood, CO

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10 Skills Great Salespeople Must Possess

Are great salespeople born? Or are they made? It’s a question that confounds many sales managers desperate to hire and hone a winning team. The answer, says Dr. Chris Croner, is both—and if you want to survive in the fiercely competitive post-COVID economy, you need to know how to identify and coach for the traits that equip salespeople to acquire new business.

sales skills

“Every company needs Hunters, especially right now,” says Dr. Croner, a psychologist, sales retention, and recruitment expert, and principal at SalesDrive, a content-rich resource center overflowing with educational articles, podcasts, Masterclasses, science-based sales psychology strategies, and other tools and techniques aimed at helping companies maximize their sales team’s performance.

“The stakes are just too high not to hire the right candidates—those with the elusive ‘it’ factors that create natural salespeople—and help them master those skills that are learnable,” adds Dr. Croner, who is also coauthor along with Richard Abraham of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again: Selecting Candidates Who Are Absolutely Driven to Succeed.

The main “it” factor is Drive, that grit and dogged determination that makes the best salespeople relentless in their quest for success. Dr. Croner says Drive is comprised of three non-teachable traits: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness, and Optimism. A person either has Drive or they don’t—there’s no teaching it and only 20% of salespeople do. If a candidate has it, especially along with other non-teachable traits, you’d better grab them up now. You can help them develop other skills later.

“Just knowing which skills to look for, and which to train for, gives a sales manager a huge advantage,” notes Dr. Croner. “A data-driven approach to hiring can literally save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

5 Non-Teachable Traits

1. Need for Achievement. This is the inner desire to reach even the most challenging goals. As a person’s Need for Achievement grows, their motivation grows, too. A robust record of accomplishments often showcases a candidate’s high Need to Achieve.

2. Competitiveness. Some people are born with an inner fire that makes them want to achieve more than anyone else and win each customer over. Candidates with innate Competitiveness can keep themselves going and persevere long after others have given up. Your organization needs salespeople who go to great lengths to get an answer from each prospect and close every sale.

3. Optimism. Optimism is an undeniable certainty that if someone puts in the work and pursues a goal, a positive outcome is simply a matter of time. When assessing sales skills, Optimism is essential because, in many ways, sales is a numbers game. While there can certainly be lucky breaks that include a series of wins in a short amount of time, salespeople will often hear “no” many times before they finally reach a “yes.”

“When salespeople lack this natural Optimism, they will begin to lose their fire,” says Dr. Croner. “Every negative interaction can chip away at their hopes of success and lead them to lose their vigor.”

4. Resiliency. Life can be a little messy, and the world of sales often is, too. Unexpected things happen. As you know, there will be plenty of times when your salesperson is sure a customer is going to buy, but then they quickly change their mind. Salespeople with the natural sales skill of resiliency can bounce back quickly, learn everything they can from their mistakes, and grow from each challenge in the end.

5. Curiosity. Your company sells to a huge variety of customers, right? No matter what you sell, you are likely part of a market that changes quickly, with ever evolving products to meet customer needs. When you hire a naturally curious salesperson who wants to learn more about products, people, and the solutions they need, you will have a valuable teammate who is able to adapt to all scenarios.

sales pitch jim hingst

5 Teachable Sales Skills

You will also want to keep an eye out for the beginnings of skills you can teach, coach, and further refine. These skills include:

1. Confidence. This is simply the ability to freely express opinions or concerns while remaining on an even keel, despite inevitable rejection. A salesperson with true confidence can even move into the role of trusted advisor who offers real value to clients.

2. Persuasiveness. Salespeople with a well-developed sense of persuasiveness love the process of selling, negotiating, and changing opinions. They are likable and can easily find common ground to help foster emotional bonds and shared objectives. Truly persuasive salespeople make it clear they are on the customer’s side and know how to wait for the perfect time to ease into the sale.

3. Relationship Skills. When assessing the sales skills of your perspective salespeople, study their history of establishing and maintaining business relationships. Top producing salespeople are highly skilled at reading interactions in a room and knowing when to take center stage and when to let other people have the floor. Well-developed relationship skills involve not only talking but active listening, with a strict focus on asking intelligent follow-up questions.

“A great listener can empathize with prospects to learn more about their needs and main points,” says Dr. Croner. “They then use that knowledge to sell more effectively.”

4. Organization. When your salespeople know how to stay orderly, keep track of every task, and avoid mistakes, they have more time to spend on high-gain selling activities. Every moment spent retracing their steps because they are not organized are lost opportunities and lost revenue.

“A sales career means juggling many different tasks,” says Dr. Croner. “The most successful salespeople have mastered and incorporated organizational structures into their daily routines.”

5. Problem-Solving. There are far more potential obstacles in sales than you could ever create training for. Do not focus on finding new salespeople who can memorize every single thing they may need to do in their jobs. Instead, search for those who can problem solve on the spot. The kind of salespeople you most need to hire will be energized by this part of their work, rather than frustrated by the think-on-their-feet effort it requires.

“When you know which traits to look for in the hiring process, and which ones to focus on as you coach new employees, you can make huge strides toward creating a high performing sales team,” says Dr. Croner. “This should be top priority as you prepare your company to move full force into the recovering economy.”


Dr. Christopher Croner is principal at SalesDrive and coauthor (along with Richard Abraham) of the book Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, which details his research and practice in identifying the non-teachable personality traits common to top producers. Dr. Croner received his BA in psychology from DePaul University and his master’s and PhD in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He developed the proprietary DriveTest® online sales test and The Drive Interview®, both used for hiring “Hunter” salespeople. Using this methodology, he has helped over 1,200 companies worldwide to hire and develop top-performing salespeople.


Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash  

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The Top 10 Hiring & Managing Mistakes of Sales Managers

Hiring and managing salespeople are the most important things you will do as a sales manager; yet, they are also the most difficult. Finding effective salespeople can feel like a never-ending cycle of hiring, training, and inevitable disappointment. Even worse, this revolving door costs your company thousands with every turn. The big problem, says Dr. Chris Croner, is that traditional hiring techniques are terrible at identifying the most crucial quality a salesperson can possess.

“Less than 20 percent of the population has Drive, the non-teachable personality characteristic that enables a salesperson to succeed,” says Dr. Croner, the psychologist, sales retention, and recruitment expert and principal at SalesDrive, a content-rich resource center overflowing with educational articles, podcasts, Masterclasses, science-based sales psychology strategies, and other tools and techniques aimed at helping companies maximize their sales teams’ performance. “And you can’t depend on interview performance or past job history to reveal these rare birds.”

sales manager mistakesDr. Croner—who is also coauthor along with Richard Abraham of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again: Selecting Candidates Who Are Absolutely Driven to Succeed—says it is possible to identify and retain Driven salespeople. The first step is realizing that the industry’s so-called “best practices” are, more often than not, sales management misconceptions.

“Traditional hiring practices have not been refined and tailored to suit sales, so the managers who employ them are often faced with disappointment,” says Dr. Croner, who developed the DriveTest®, an assessment based on 90 years of research on the subject as well as his company’s own work, to help businesses identify Drive in candidates before they hire one.

Here are ten sales management mistakes and misconceptions and how you can avoid them.

1. Thinking “I have a golden gut.”

A sales candidate is typically on their best behavior during the interview, and someone who is likeable for a short period of time can deceive your gut instinct. This brief interaction won’t tell you if your candidate can sustain high performance in the tough world of sales. So, it is critical to implement a scientific hiring process that consists of a sales assessment and a well conducted behavioral interview to get past the initial impression and at what is really under the surface.

2. A sales presentation during an interview predicts success.

A sales presentation during the interview can tell you if your candidate did their homework, is able to put together and deliver a presentation, and how well they communicate. What it will not tell you is if the candidate will be able to consistently bring in new business. A sales presentation will show you if the candidate can sell, not if they will sell. It’s important to know the difference.

3. Salespeople from big companies are better.

Small to medium-sized companies and/or managers hiring their first salesperson may think that if they just hire a salesperson from a large company, surely they’ll be successful. This is not always true. Sometimes, a well-known brand brings in its own customers, rather than requiring salespeople to go out and source new business. Instead, look for sales people who have:

  • Two to three years of sales experience, to ensure they know the selling basics.
  • Experience selling for a company that is similar in size to your company.

“A highly Driven individual with two to three years’ experience at a similarly sized company is much more likely to sell successfully for you than one from a large company,” says Dr. Croner.

4. Churn and burn is the best approach to hiring.

As a hiring manager, you may have been disappointed one too many times and concluded that churning and burning through salespeople is the best approach. Unfortunately, a bad salesperson has a ripple effect. Their presence and lack of performance could negatively affect your client relationships, company culture, and bottom line. So, while it takes a little bit more time up-front to develop and implement a strategic hiring process, the payoff is far greater than the risk.

5. Anyone can be trained to hunt.

To be a successful “Hunter,” aka new business developer, your candidate needs Drive, which consists of three traits that cannot be taught or changed past the age of 21-22: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness, and Optimism. Unfortunately, research shows that only about 20 percent of the population is high in Drive. The difference between a salesperson who can sell and a salesperson who absolutely will sell is Drive.

6. Money is every salesperson’s top need.

A common belief among sales managers is, “I need to hire a salesperson who is motivated by money.” But external financial pressures like mortgages and student loan debt are temporary. A salesperson motivated only by money will flat line once those motivations are gone. This is why you should hire salespeople based on their core personality traits and not their current motivations. High Drive salespeople look at sales as points on the score board, so they will never be okay with hitting a certain number and quitting.

7. A motivational speaker can increase my team’s Drive.

Remember, Drive is the non-teachable personality trait shared among successful Hunter salespeople. Hiring a motivational speaker to increase your team’s Drive is wishful thinking. They may boost performance for a day or two, but over time, salespeople will resort back to normal behavior.

“Consider bringing in a skills trainer instead,” advises Dr. Croner. “This person can assess the team’s current skills and help them improve from there.”

8. A great salesperson will make a great sales manager.

Many sales execs want to give their high-performing salespeople a sense of career progression, so they promote them to sales managers. This can be hazardous as these top performers who are used to bringing in their own business are now reliant on the success of others. No longer being in control of their success can make them miserable, and it may even mean a pay cut due to lack of commissions. So, before promoting one of your best salespeople to a sales management position, know that this role requires an entirely different skill set and personality.

9. Generalized personality tests are sufficiently predictive of sales performance.

Measuring someone’s overall personality can be important and is OK to look at when hiring in other roles. But when hiring Hunters, you need to be using a sales-specific assessment that is calibrated to measure personality traits that will impact sales performance. Instead of asking, “How personable are you?” with a one to ten answer, a sales assessment will produce an in-depth sales personality profile.

10. A cheap assessment is good enough.

One common misconception about assessments is how much they should really cost. In doing research, you will find that assessment prices vary drastically, with generalized personality tests starting as low as 20 dollars. When shopping for an assessment, it is just like buying anything else—you get what you pay for. Safeguard your company from wasting thousands on an under-performing salesperson by taking the initial steps in the beginning of the hiring process to implement a sales-specific assessment.

Hiring effective salespeople can be a frustrating task, but you can stick a stopper into the revolving door by learning to successfully identify candidates with Drive.

“Identifying Driven candidates will save time and money while relieving managers from the headaches of constant hiring and training,” says Dr. Croner. “Once you start taking a strategic approach, it’s a huge relief. Your life will definitely improve, and obviously, so will your sales.”

Dr. Christopher Croner is principal at SalesDrive and coauthor (along with Richard Abraham) of the book Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, which details his research and practice in identifying the non-teachable personality traits common to top producers. Dr. Croner received his BA in psychology from DePaul University and his master’s and PhD in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He developed the proprietary DriveTest® online sales test and The Drive Interview®, both used for hiring “Hunter” salespeople. Using this methodology, he has helped over 1,200 companies worldwide to hire and develop top-performing salespeople.


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Family-owned Printing Franchise Helps Local Businesses Adapt and Grow

Jeff and Taunya Foley have owned their printing business for nearly fifteen years. With their daughter Kelsie and son-in-law Mike working alongside them, Minuteman Press in Wethersfield is truly a family-owned small business. Minuteman Press in Wethersfield has remained open throughout the pandemic as an essential business, providing high-demand products that are helping other local businesses reopen and ramp up their marketing efforts to bring back customers.

As a result of their hard work and ability to help local businesses adapt, Jeff and Taunya have been able to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and grow their sales while also assisting Wethersfield and the surrounding communities in any way they could.

Jeff says, “When the pandemic first hit, we were thankful to be considered as an essential business and immediately looked for ways that we could help our customers. We reached out to clients and prospects alike in the following ways:

  • “For healthcare clients, we offered them another option for PPE and any other printed items they needed to reinforce their guidelines.
  • “We reached out to schools offering signs and banners acknowledging students who were graduating or entering new grade levels.
  • “We fulfilled requests from other essential businesses for social distancing signage, floor decals, and personalized face masks and neck gaiters.
  • “We promoted our direct mail services and helped many businesses and non-profits communicate with their members and customers through printed mailers.”

With businesses coming back and more activities planned for the fall, Minuteman Press in Wethersfield is ready to help the business community continue to recover while providing products that make sense. “Direct mail, signage, and PPE turned into our highest demand products and services,” says Jeff. “We are continuing to see these as popular orders because clients still need these items to operate safely and market their businesses.

“I really look forward to being able to get out more and see our customers and prospects again. During this time, I have been doing the deliveries to help with maintaining our relationships with our customers and get a feel for the business environment around us. Because we are local, we believe in supporting all local businesses and doing our best to learn about their needs and help them thrive.”

Minuteman Press in Wethersfield, CT is a family-owned local business. Pictured from left to right: Taunya Foley; Jeff Foley; Granddaughter Sofie; Son-in-Law Mike; and Daughter Kelsie.
Building the Family Business for Fifteen Years

In 2006, Jeff and Taunya made the leap to business ownership. Jeff says, “We have been with Minuteman Press for fifteen years this October. We started with a brand-new store entering one of the greatest economic downturns in American history. We grew the business primarily by visiting our business communities daily. We put in the time and effort by initially introducing ourselves, as it is encouraged in Minuteman Press training, talking with local business owners, managers and gatekeepers, and getting items to quote. We returned quotes and followed up regularly, which is the best way to build relationships with prospects and helps when the time comes for them to make a change for whatever reason. We have received the call many times from a prospect that wants to have us take care of their printing project to give us a shot.

“Our success would not have happened if we didn’t stick to our marketing and follow up. We have also done a lot of networking over the years through clubs, BNI and Chambers of Commerce. Throughout the pandemic, we have been doing direct mail and email marketing campaigns along with the internet marketing program that Minuteman Press International makes available to owners. It has all been a huge help.”

Owning a Business vs. Having a Job

Prior to franchising, Jeff worked as Director of Operations handling cargo for a wide range of airline customers, while Taunya worked in education. Jeff says, “I had helped this company grow from five cities to fifteen during the thirteen years I was with them and traveled weekly mainly putting out fires, doing startups for new contracts and auditing the managers operations. I worked endless hours treating the owner’s business as mine.

“Taunya and I felt that it may be time to start looking into me getting into a different job. Since I was a teenager, I had always wanted to be in business for myself. So, we started looking into franchise opportunities. We knew that we did not want to start something new and realized that the franchise option offered a proven system that provides a better rate of success. I found the Minuteman Press franchise opportunity reading Entrepreneur Magazine on a plane on the way home at the end of a long week. I showed it to Taunya and we decided to check it out contacting Minuteman Press to let them know of our interest.”

After being contacted by Minuteman Press and checking out the business for themselves, Jeff and Taunya decided that they would open their center in Wethersfield. “We wanted to be closer to our families in Connecticut and so we both jumped in with both feet and have not looked back,” he says.

One reason Jeff chose to own a Minuteman Press franchise was the ongoing support he would receive. He says, “We have nothing but good things to say about the Minuteman Press franchise. New England Regional Vice President Ron Rubin is always there for us providing encouragement, suggestions and guidance as needed. Field Rep Ed Connelly has been tremendously helpful and responsive as well. Corporate has been a great resource providing us with reputable vendors to work with, educational seminars, our fantastic FLEX software, the internet marketing program, and now the new Minuteman.com website that we signed up for immediately.

“We appreciate all the background work that HQ is doing to support our business. The tech support is nothing short of awesome as well. When we have an issue, we get a response to an email within minutes and in most cases the solution is found and implemented by them in a short time after we speak. During COVID, we were impressed how Nick Titus (President) and the team stepped it up even more providing us with tools and information to help us succeed and get through an unprecedented time in our history. This is the type of incredible support that confirms we made the right choice picking Minuteman Press as our franchise opportunity.”

When asked what advice Jeff would give to other local businesses right now, Jeff answers, “Don’t give up! Persevere and do what you need to make your business successful for you. Market your products and/or services and offer a higher level of customer service to turn your prospects who are giving you an opportunity into recurring customers.”

—Press Release

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GE Current Introduces Tetra Titan 10-Year Power Supply for LED Signage

GE Current, a Daintree company (Cleveland, OH), has introduced a 10-year power supply for LED signage called the Tetra Titan and has also extended the warranty coverage period for its LED modules.

The company said Titan is the signage industry’s first 10-year power supply. To back up the lifespan claim, GE Current is now offering a matching 10-year warranty for all 24V Tetra channel letter LED modules, as well as for signage products like the Tetra Stick, Tetra Snap SS and DS, and the Tetra Edgestrip.

“The power supply was always the weakest link in an LED system, always carrying a shorter warranty period. The Titan closes that gap,” said Michel Doss, vice president of specialty products at GE Current.

Along with the Tetra Titan, the company has upgraded its GLX2 series to include improved 100W and 300W models, as well as a new 200W power supply.

The Tetra Titan and new GLX2 power supplies are now available in North America through GE Current’s network of signage distribution partners. For more information, visit gecurrent.com.

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Give Kids The World Village Unveils New LED-enhanced Attraction

Give Kids the World
The SNA Displays LED screen onboard the Serendipty II pirate ship at Give Kids The World Village.

Give Kids The World Village is an eighty-nine-acre, ADA-accessible, storybook-themed destination in Kissimmee, Florida that, ever since opening in 1986, provides critically ill children and their families from all over the world with joy-filled, weeklong wish vacations at no cost. The GKTW Village has welcomed more than 176,000 families from all fifty U.S. states and seventy-six countries.

On-site theming found throughout this whimsical park includes a host of colorful characters that interact with the children, snoring trees, oversized mushroom architecture, an enchanting castle, and the world’s largest game of Candy Land.

For many years, the Park of Dreams Pool area at GKTW Village also had a pirate ship called Serendipity that provided lots of buccaneer-themed fun and hosted a projector-based screen. However time had not only taken its toll on this playground vessel, but the screen was very hard to see during daytime hours.

Shiver me timbers! GKTW Village officials knew it was time for an overhaul and rebuild (a kinder, gentler keelhaul, if you will).

This past July, after a year of planning, redesign, and construction, GKTW Village celebrated the grand opening christening of a newly constructed, ninety-plus-foot pirate ship replacement called Serendipity II, taking anchor in this port in an effort to spread more hope and happiness to the children and their families. This new buccaneer-themed build was made possible by a $1.5 million grant from the Don and Lorraine Freeberg Foundation, a nonprofit that supports organizations focused on education, healthcare, children, and veterans.

Built to withstand the humid subtropical climate of Central Florida, the ADA-accessible Serendipity II was constructed by SteamLabs Design Group and Icarus Exhibits Orlando using a 100 percent aluminum frame and cladding, while Poly Gem coating was added to replicate the look of real wood.

Serendipity II was built off-site using a labor-intensive process and took almost a year. Once finished, it was then disassembled and delivered to the Village for a two-day installation with the use of a crane.

Give Kids The World
The Serendipity II pirate ship.

The bright, colorful ship includes an animated parrot, an interactive ship’s wheel, and a masthead “sea-quine” figure designed as a close cousin to the seahorses found on GKTW’s ADA-accessible Enchanted Carousel. Impressively its towering seventy-four-foot masts had to be approved by the FAA, due to the park’s proximity to the nearby Kissimmee Gateway Airport.

However the main attraction onboard the replacement pirate ship very well could be its brand-new 16-feet-5-inches-wide-by-9-feet-10-inches-high SNA Displays EMPIRE™ Exterior LED screen situated near the center of the new ship in an open deck area for everyone sitting or swimming in the Pool of Dreams area to view. Management and integration of this state-of-the-art solution was overseen by Electrosonic AV Design out of Orlando, Florida, while the SNA Displays team was present throughout the project to assist and troubleshoot any issues that arose. (Note: Electrosonic AV Design is an international audiovisual and technology services company that designs, builds, and supports innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work, and play.)

The 3.9mm pixel pitch screen measures 1,280-by-768 pixels and outputs content at a resolution of 720p.

With this digital screen adornment, the Serendipity II ship is able to present and host feature film screenings, dive-in movies, sports broadcasts, special events promotions, and more to visitors in the Pool of Dreams Park area at GKTW Village.

“One of the priorities for this LED display was to provide a medium for the Village’s ‘dive-in’ movie events for their guests,” says Thursby Pierce, project manager at Electrosonic. “I think the screen fits the scale of Serendipity II well. It doesn’t feel intrusive to the whimsical nature of the space, [and] it is large enough to give guests a great seat to the show no matter how close they are.”

Give Kids The World
Installing the LED screen.

The GKTW Village team and their designers requested a size and design for the direct-view SNA Displays LED screen that was best determined by the size of the Serendipity II ship and its accompanying design elements. They also wanted a size that would be conducive to movie watching at any time of the day, which necessitated a basic 16:9 aspect ratio.

“They wanted a screen bright enough to provide viewing at all times of the day. The previous ship used projection-based technology, which made daytime viewing impossible,” says Jason Helton, executive vice president of SNA Displays. “Given the size limitations, we proposed 3.9-milimeter pixel spacing, which is a very tight pixel pitch for exterior LED displays.”

“It’s rare to have a sub-4mm exterior LED display,” says Nicole Rotyliano, project manager at SNA Displays. “Thanks to [our] R&D team, we were able to provide this client with a product that fit their use-case for the technology, showing movies to visitors of the Village at relatively close viewing distances.”

According to Helton, “The resulting screen looks great.”

Construction on the pirate ship’s structure was mostly finished before the LED display was installed on-site. Icarus Exhibits Orlando provided the mounting structure for it, per specifications from Electrosonic and SNA Displays. “Once the mounting structure was in place, the installation was fairly typical,” says Pierce. “We were really happy with the results.”

Programming on the SNA Displays screen is initiated from a small watchtower-style building located across from the ship. “They’re set up with a fairly typical front-end system, allowing for various input types like cable, Blu-ray discs, and other content,” says Pierce.


Although the LED display is outdoor-rated like other digital billboards, the Give Kids the World Village team still wanted to make sure it would still be protected from extreme tropical storms that take place in the Florida area. So Electrosonic, SNA Displays, and the Serendipity II structural engineer collaborated and implemented a storm-shutter solution to it. “It provides adequate protection without impacting the viewer experience,” says Rotyliano.

Contrary to its meaning, the Serendipity II project did not happen by chance; in fact, all the crew members involved were vetted and chosen based on their levels of skill and expertise.

Delivery of the SNA Displays product to the site took place this past March. A substantial amount of ship construction had to be completed before actual installation to it, which took place in May a month before it would be installed in the ship itself.

However all the parties involved did end up happy from being able to complete work on a new pirate ship attraction that is bringing so much joy to children and their families.

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Epson to Host Webinars on New Production-Class Wide-Format Printers

To further support dealers and customers interested in the new line of production-class SureColor® P-Series photographic and graphic art and SureColor® T-Series technical and graphics wide-format printers, Epson today announced upcoming webinars that will offer a first look into the products. The virtual events hosted by Epson’s product management team will offer customers and dealers a look at the brand-new line of sleek, fast, and versatile production-class printers.epson webinar

“We have received tremendous industry interest and feedback on our new production-class printers since their launch,” said Jason Meyer, group product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “The upcoming virtual events are an engaging and convenient way for our partners and customers to learn about the new models and learn helpful tips and recommendations regarding ongoing usage, workflow matters and current trends impacting the industry today.”

The upcoming production-class webinars will be held at 1 p.m. PST on:

Aug. 24 and Sept. 15: Introducing the SureColor T-Series – The Epson team will introduce the latest high-speed technical, graphics and poster/POP printing solutions.

Aug. 25 and Sept. 16: Introducing the SureColor P-Series – The Epson team will introduce its brand-new line of sleek, fast and versatile production-class printers that deliver innovative solutions for fine art and photography printing

Epson offers ongoing webinars and virtual events to allow customers to directly interact with Epson and industry experts, ask questions live, view the products from various angles, and see product features or demos most important to them. Additional upcoming virtual events covering the latest advancements in digital printing, applications and market trends include:

Wednesday, Aug. 18: UV Flatbed Product Overview – The Epson team will give a full overview of the key features of the SureColor V-Series 4’x8’ UV flatbed printer, covering key innovations in productivity, print quality, multi-layer printing, and more.

Tuesday, Aug. 24: Stand out with Fluorescent Inks – Offers tips and tricks to creating designs with fluorescent colors, looking at design software, optimizing print setting and the latest technologies that can increase productivity.

Wednesday, Sept. 1: Optimal Scratch Resistance with Resin Ink – Offers a technical overview of how to leverage the relationship between Epson’s breakthrough Resin ink technology, optimizer, and heat to create highly scratch resistant prints, optimal for indoor/outdoor graphics, textiles, and wallpaper applications.

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Preparing for Peak Production – Offers DTG printing practices to get through the peak season and thrive, covering how to maintain current equipment, selecting new equipment to help scale, as well as tax and incentive programs.

Wednesday, Sept. 15: UV Flatbed Product Overview – The Epson team will give a full overview of the key features of the SureColor V-Series 4’x8’ UV flatbed printer, covering key innovations in productivity, print quality, multi-layer printing, and more.

Wednesday, Sept. 22: Preparing for Peak Production – Focusing on dye-sublimation, learn best practices to get through the upcoming holiday season, offers tips on maintaining current equipment, looks at new equipment to help scale the business, as well as tax and incentive programs.

For additional information, to register for upcoming webinars and events, visit www.epson.com/SureColorEvents. Future events will be updated on this page as they are scheduled, including participation in live events.

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YESCO, Official Partner Of The Las Vegas Raiders, Fabricates, Installs Nearly 4,000 Signs At Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium las vegas raidersYESCO, the 101-year-old company known for creating, repairing and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, is a proud partner of the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium. When Allegiant Stadium opens on Aug. 14 for the Las Vegas Raiders’ first home game of 2021, YESCO will welcome fans with nearly 4,000 signs including all stadium naming signage, pylon signs and interior and exterior directional signs to enable guests to navigate the new stadium.

“As a proud partner of the Raiders and a valued building partner of Allegiant Stadium, we are excited for fans to enjoy the 2021 season in the stadium,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president, YESCO. “It’s enormously gratifying to be such a visible part of Las Vegas’ newest landmark structure.”Allegiant Stadium las vegas raiders yesco

Encompassing approximately 50,000-man hours of work, the project included the installation of notable exterior signage such as the two rooftop signs spanning an impressive 564 feet each for a combined total of 115,056 square feet and comprising nearly two miles of outline lighting. Other signs, such as the stadium’s freestanding pylon sign, measures 124 feet in height and 44 feet in width, with the electronics portion measuring 80-by-36 feet.

Allegiant Stadium las vegas raidersTo accentuate the dramatic architecture of the stadium, YESCO installed white light ribbons comprising one-and-a-half total miles of light band. Massive individual illuminated letters reading “Allegiant Stadium” on the interior and exterior of the facility range from 20 to 31 feet in height. At Raiders Headquarters, the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, YESCO also installed all building and directional signs, including the pinnacle, outdoor Raiders’ shield sign measuring 27 by 25 feet.

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LexJet Introduces In-house Digital Label Printer and Cutter

LexJet, a subsidiary of S-One Holdings Corporation, has launched a new printer and die cutter that allows cannabis brands to print high-quality labels in house.lexjet RP530 and RP530W printers

The RP530 and RP530W printers, manufactured by IntoPrint and sold under LexJet, allow for premium digital label printing in full CMYK, or CMYK+White.

The RF8510 die cutter seamlessly finishes label jobs, and can laminate, die cut, strip, slit, and rewind. The machine uses plotting technology to cut labels into any shape.

These machines are an ideal investment for cannabis brands who are looking for the flexibility of variable print and on-demand label production.

These print and finishing solutions allow brands to print variable data, remove production delays, reduce inventory, and lower print costs by bringing label production in house. Due to the ever-changing nature of cannabis regulations, business owners can seamlessly change artwork files as regulations change.

With the solutions from LexJet and IntoPrint, there are no more costly reprints, high minimum order quantities, or warehouse shelves filled with non-complaint labels. Cannabis business owners can simply print the exact quantity they need when they need it.

The RP530 and RP530W label printer, and the RF8510 die cutter are easy to use, straightforward to install, and require minimal training to get started.

For more information, or to get started on in-house label production, visit https://marketing.lexjet.com/intoprint-label-printer or reach out to a LexJet specialist at 800-453-9538 or jeff.leto@lexjet.com.

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