LightFair Electrifies Attendee Experience at 2021 Conference & Trade Show

The LightFair Conference and Trade Show engages the lighting industry once again through the return of sourcing, in-person education and networking events October 25-29 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

“In just a few days, LightFair will resume its position of allowing powerful connections to be made, educating the future of the lighting and design industries and serving as the sourcing pinnacle for commercial and architectural lighting,” said Dan Darby, show director. “The top-notch education at LightFair’s Conference and Trade Show is a hallmark of the lighting industry, and opening our doors is the first step of an amazing rebound for this community.”

Conference and Tracks

LightFair’s five-day educational conference offers more than thirty-five sessions ranging from LightFair Institute—with its two-day, one-day, and three-hour long courses—and six tracks presented as sixty- or ninety-minute sessions. The tracks are Application & Evidence-Based Design; Art + Inspiration; Design Tools + Techniques; Experiencing Light; Professional Development + Practice; and Technology.

Admission to the LightFair Conference, which runs October 25-29 in the Jacob K Javits Convention Center 1E meeting rooms, ranges in price from $90 to $1,495.

Pavilions and Trade Show Floor

Over 200+ exhibitors will showcase the newest in top-of-the-line lighting resources at this year’s LightFair Trade Show, October 27-29. Exhibit floor resources, including some veteran LightFair brands, will showcase their products across five pavilions—Smart Pavilion, Design Pavilion, Outdoor Pavilion, The Collective and the New Exhibitor Pavilion—and in individual booths.

As an added benefit, all visitors to the New Exhibitor Pavilion are eligible to win one of three $250 Visa gift cards in LightFair’s new “Watts New” contest. To join, attendees must log five or more visits to new exhibitors in the pavilion through the LightFair mobile app, where visits will be tracked and winners will be announced.

Product innovation and booth display will be recognized with two special onsite awards. On October 26, the annual LightFair Innovation Award will celebrate fourteen categories of the lighting industry’s most innovative products and designs introduced in the past twelve months winners. Best Booth winners will be recognized in four categories on October 28 during the LightFair Trade Show.

Educational and Networking Events Return at LightFair’s Trade Show

Three LightFair event locations—LightFair Live, the Special Events Area, and the Designery—will showcase more than forty-five educational and networking events, as well as guided tours across all five pavilions.

LightFair Live will feature seven presenters discussing topics such as: utilizing smart lighting; and understanding Bluetooth mesh.

The Special Events Area, featuring seven of the industry’s leading membership organizations, is a collaborative space for networking with industry professionals through eight events such as: scavenger hunts, open houses and meetings.

The Designery offers twelve educational sessions covering topics such as: composing a winning award submittal; lighting designed for sex; and the LightFair mentorship Q&A panel.

The LightFair Mobile App, available in the App Store and on Google Play, allows for easier navigation of the show floor, provides time and location of events and education as well as full conference information.

The trade show floor will showcase a total of 200-plus lighting exhibitors. Trade show access, as well as LightFair’s 45-plus exhibit floor events, is complimentary for the 2021 edition.

Safer Floor. Safer Show.

LightFair 2021 has adapted to allow safer product exploration and education as outlined in its “Safer Floor. Safer Show.” guidelines. LightFair is working closely with the Javits Center to stay up-to-date on recommendations and guidelines from the CDC and the city of New York, including the vaccination requirement to attend.

Additionally, through a special partnership with LightFair, exhibitor Energy Focus’ mUVe™ UV-C surface disinfection robot will sanitize surfaces throughout the exhibit hall after hours. Once programmed with the show floor plan, the disinfection robot will move on its own around the exhibit hall at a speed of eighteen inches-per-second using a powerful beam of UV light to disinfect all surfaces including the floor, within a one meter radius.

—Press Release

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Video: Adendo – Your Connection to Sign & Print Professionals

Whether you’re a newbie in need of basic training, or a seasoned pro looking to learn some new skills, there’s an adendo Advisor standing by to help.

In this video, Mark Stevens, gives you the back story of adendo, talks about how this innovative new concept of training works, and the opportunities available for industry experts interested in helping others.

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Wrapmate: Branding Opportunity for Small Businesses

Earlier this year, Wrapmate released the first-ever digital platform for vehicle wrap customers to get exact pricing on their specific vehicle and transact online. Soon after that, they successfully added over 5,000 individual vehicles to their platform, giving customers ample selection for pricing and design options.

Now Wrapmate has partnerered with leading enterprise Buy Now, Pay Later solution, Uplift, to bring monthly payment options to its customers in a first-of-its-kind ecommerce vehicle graphics experience.

When customers come to Wrapmate, they can choose their exact vehicle from over 5,600 different options. Wrapmate’s platform allows users to compare pricing options for different wrap sizes on their exact vehicle year, make, and model, then purchase their project through an online, self-service experience. Additionally Wrapmate supports a nationwide network of over 1,000 top certified graphic professionals known as Wrapmate Pros, providing them with local customer projects and software to help manage their business. and receive local installation utilizing 3M vinyl materials.

“We are so excited to provide financing options to customers today,” says Shawn Holmes, Chief Technology Officer of Wrapmate. “Giving customers the ability to pay their wrap off in small increments each month allows them to land more jobs with only a small amount of advertising budget invested and see the immediate impact it has on their company’s growth.”

Depending on the customer, monthly payment options can be as low as $74 per month and will have available terms ranging anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. For an advertising product like vehicle wraps that typically average $2,500, offering monthly payment options to customers online is an incredible way to drastically decrease the upfront costs and make the purchase much more manageable and affordable.

“The up-front cost is a major barrier to many small businesses purchasing vehicle wraps,” says Adrian Cook, Portfolio Manager at 3M Commercial Solutions, who is collaborating with Wrapmate to support their strategy in growing the overall graphics industry. “This financing option will allow more customers to purchase wraps and generate new business for graphics professionals.”

Most SMBs don’t recognize that vehicle wraps generate more impressions per dollar than any other type of advertising, making them the most cost-efficient marketing strategy that any company can execute. With the ability to finance this type of advertisement, it makes it much easier to purchase it and get your brand on the road as soon as possible and earn more business with very little monthly commitment. Customers interested in seeing their financing options for a vehicle wrap can easily do so by visiting and clicking “Start my project.”

—Press Release

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Signpainter Andrew Patrick Henry Dies at 29

Andrew Patrick Henry, a signpainter in Barnesville, GA, died on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 29 years of age.

Henry died by suicide, shocking a local community that had grown accustomed to seeing his artwork around town.

A native of Griffin, GA, Henry lived in Barnesville for the past nine years. He was home-schooled as a child and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout, graduating summa cum laude from Gordon State College with a 4.0 GPA and an associate of arts degree.

Beginning his career in 2012, Henry extended his paint brush across the US and beyond. In 2016, he and 25 other artists traveled to Amsterdam to complete a nearly 80-ft.-long mural for the Heineken Experience at the original Heineken Brewery. A year later, he was approached by the producers of HBO’s Sharp Objects to paint two murals in downtown Barnesville.

A memorial service honoring Henry’s life will be held at Summers Field Park in Barnesville on Sunday, Nov. 7 at 5 p.m. The planners for the event are requesting that attendees bring artwork and other keepsakes from Henry for a tribute photo to be taken at the end of the service. More information about the memorial can be found on Facebook.

A fundraiser has been created to support Henry’s family in covering the funeral and estate settlement expenses. All residual funds after expenses will be donated to Lamar Arts, an organization that was close to Henry’s heart.

To learn more about Henry and see his portfolio, visit

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Sensing Unit for imagePRESS C910 Series is Now Available

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced the availability of the Sensing Unit-A1 for the imagePRESS C910 Series. This Sensing Unit is designed to help increase efficiency while producing consistent output and accurate color.

As Canon U.S.A. announced earlier the availability of the Sensing Unit-A1 for imagePRESS C10010VP Series, the Sensing Unit can now attached to the imagePRESS C910 Series to adjust and monitor front-to-back registration and color accuracy before and during production, continuously adjusting on the fly. Combined with the powerful features of the color imagePRESS C910 Series, a high level of automation can now be realized to help achieve color repeatability and front to back registration consistency—all while maintaining high productivity.

The Sensing Unit brings a new level of advanced automation to the imagePRESS C910 Series with automatic measurement of color and front to back registration patches that can take place before or in real time during production runs. Designed to help improve efficiencies and print quality on high-value applications, these measurements can even take place on long sheet medias up to thirty inches in length, including six-panel brochures and posters/signage.

The Sensing Unit can also provide additional quality control and print consistency by monitoring and adjusting during a production run by reading color patches that are printed on the sheet. If there is no room for printing color patches on the sheet, a test target sheet can be set up to be automatically printed at defined intervals.

Cross Shade Adjustment, which provides consistent color density across the sheet, as well as Secondary Transfer Voltage, which promotes proper toner transfer and a clean internal environment, can be set up by the user to be completed before production runs helping to provide optimized output on the specific media from the first sheet.

“The Sensing Unit has been a fantastic addition to our imagePRESS,” said Brad Rusticus, the general manager of Five Lakes Press, Inc., a Canon client. “It maintains the color great and the registration consistently tight without any manual operator’s adjustment. My production team is getting more done, and we are confident that every sheet is ready for our finishing department.”

The Sensing Unit is another example of Canon U.S.A.’s dedication to innovation by providing a solution that can help production environments meet high standards for quality and printing, increasing overall value by providing features that can help users shorten turnaround times and automating routine color checks and inspection.

“We are excited to announce that the Sensing Unit which is designed to help provide consistent and stable output across production runs is now supported on imagePRESS C910 Series,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A. Inc. “Today’s operators are tasked with managing multiple tasks and the Sensing Unit can help save time allowing them to focus on other important areas of business, while maintaining a high level of print quality.”

The Sensing Unit-A1 is available for the imagePRESS C910 Series powered by the PRISMAsync print server and imagePRESS Server.

—Press Release

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ISA Report Forecasts Slight Rebound for Sign Industry in 2022

All four sectors of the sign and graphics industry are looking slightly worse for 2021, but are expected to rebound by 2022, according to the Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report, produced by IHS Markit for the International Sign Association (Fairfax, VA).

The report covers the third quarter of 2021 and was prepared in September. It assesses four segments of the industry: two supplier markets (printing and electrical/digital signage) and two end markets (electric/digital signage and architectural signage). It also forecasts commodities.

Some highlights:

  • While the latest update hasn’t resulted in significant shifts in any of the indices, all sectors are showing a slightly worse outlook for 2021 with slight improvements for most sectors in 2022. The end markets for architectural signage will show the largest cool-down from 2021 as it returns to historical trend levels of growth.
  • Inflation for 2021 will top 4.2 percent. As prices of food, energy and motor vehicles retreat with recovering supplies, and with long-run inflation expectations anchored near the Federal Reserve’s long-term 2 percent objective, IHS expects the consumer price index inflation to subside to 2.4 percent in 2022.
  • The steel market is turning, and prices will move downward from here. However, there are policy decisions that could slow the pace of decline.

The report is free for ISA members and ISA-affiliated association members; non-members may purchase it for $1,000. The research can be accessed at

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The Challenge of Keeping & Restoring Vintage Signs

By David Hickey

For people like Jude Cook and Vince Coley, restoring vintage signs is a labor of love. “It helps to be passionate,” says Cook, who operates Cook Signs in Tucson, Arizona. “The temptation is to build it newer, easier.”

isa historic signs

But losing some of those old signs, he believes, means losing a community’s character. “They separate you from every other city that looks the same,” says Cook. “They’re gems, and it hurts every time you take one down.”

Yet it can be a challenge to keep these signs. In some communities, these signs no longer conform to the city’s sign codes and, once removed, cannot be reinstalled.

That was the challenge for Coley of Rainbow Signs in Salt Lake City, Utah. “The city had a zoning rule that if a non-conforming sign came down and touched the ground,” he says, “they would no longer be able to put it back up. We fought for three years to get that changed.”

One creative idea: taking city council members on a tour to visit a half-dozen historically vital signs. “We told them how vital it was to be able to maintain these and [that] sometimes they have to be removed and put back up,” says Coley.

In the three years that it took to convince the council to change the code, though, one roof sign continued to decay, and Coley was concerned about the safety. The sign’s owners didn’t have the money to restore it.“I said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t let anyone take it down,’” he says.

Coley secured the sign and waited for the law to change so that it could be removed, restored, and rehung.

Cook also had worked to change local ordinances, serving on his community’s sign committee for a decade. The committee worked to amend the sign code to allow historic signs to be refurbished and reinstalled.

Through that process, he met a “group of guys” who were “passionate” about the signs. “That led to a whole slew of contacts that got me started in restoration,” says Cook.

Communities lose something extremely valuable every time one of these old signs is removed. That’s one of the reasons ISA has developed resources specifically about historic signs and signs in historic districts. This includes webinars and sessions in partnership with the American Planning Association, which have been attended by hundreds of planners and other local officials from all over the country.

isa vintage signsA growing number of end-users understand that retaining historic signs or installing replications of historic signs can be a good marketing strategy, appealing to the public’s nostalgia and perpetuating a sense of continuity to their community’s past. These signs offer immediately Instagrammable spots, ones which convey a lot about the community.

As planners and communities work with ISA advocacy on the preservation and regulation of historic signs, they increasingly come to view the sign industry as a reasonable and credible partner in developing sign regulations in general, including on more controversial issues.

It’s a win for our industry, but an even bigger win for the communities. “Communities are starting to realize that they’re taking all the character off the streets,” says Coley.

According to Coley, working with local historical commissions often pays off.

One project included four sets of letters eight feet tall and a mile of neon. “That was by far the most non-conforming sign under the current regulations,” he says. “We took a letter from the historical society, which backed our plan, and that was good enough for the city to approve.

“It’s very important to have those guys on your side.”

ISA’s advocacy is working to develop resources that help communities understand the value of these signs in setting their towns apart. It’s a strong argument that we can make, and with passionate sign professionals like Vince Coley and Jude Cook, it’s often a winning argument.

David Hickey is vice-president of Government Affairs at the International Sign Association. If your community is struggling with the preservation of historic signs, Hickey urges you to contact him at

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US Inflation Persists in September

U.S. consumer prices were up in September with the consumer price index rising 0.4 percent last month after increasing 0.3 percent in August, according to Reuters. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who blames supply chain issues, has called the inflation “transitory.”

Sung Won Sohn, professor of finance and economics at Loyola Marymount University, disagrees: “Inflation is no longer ‘transitory.’ Supply-chain bottlenecks are getting worse. The logjam is unlikely to ease anytime soon despite the latest intervention by the White House.”

Food prices in particular rose sharply, increasing 0.9 percent due to higher meat costs in September after gaining 0.4 percent in the month before. Rents rose as well, increasing 0.4 percent – their biggest gain in five years.

Read more at Reuters.

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Mimaki USA Announces New Printers and Lower Prices

Ahead of its UV Live event on October 21, Mimaki USA made a number of announcements about new printers, lower prices, and a continued commitment to its customers despite continued pandemic and supply chain issues.

Mimaki UV Live


Mimaki USA announced that it’s lowering prices on its most popular printers—separating itself at a time when many manufacturers are doing the opposite and raising prices.

Michael Maxwell, senior manager of Corporate Strategic Development for Mimaki USA, explained that by tightening up its manufacturing process and reusing components like stands across new printer models, the company was able to pass on the savings to its customers through price reductions.

In a press release, Mimaki USA said, “We know you count on our printers to get the job done with quality, speed, and precision, and we want to ensure that affordability is something you can count on as well. This isn’t a sale or a promotion, it’s the best possible prices we can offer, and they’re here to stay. With instability and prices seemingly rising all around us, we are glad to have an opportunity to offer savings and certainty instead.”

New Printers

During its virtual press conference, Mimaki USA announced a number of new printers.

New UJF Printers

Mimaki USA launched four new UJF Series printers. These new direct-to-object inkjet printers are designed for high-quality output, improved productivity, and efficient production. Sales are scheduled to start in October 2021.

The new printers include the UJF-7151 plus II, and three new UJF-MkII e Series models, offering unrivaled printing quality and stability. They feature an array of new capabilities designed to deliver significant quality and performance benefits, enabling users to explore new applications and increase productivity.

Mimaki’s UV-LED inkjet printers use UV irradiation, rather than heat, to cure ink and do not require the preparation of plates (as in screen printing). This immensely reduces the time and cost of production.

UJF-7151 plus II: The UJF-7151 plus II model incorporates eight print heads, two more than the previous model, enabling configurations that suit any application. It includes eight ink slots, which can be configured for a four color setup or up to eight inks including light color inks (Light Cyan and Light Magenta), white, clear, and primer. It achieves print speeds up to 190% faster than the previous model.

mimaki UJF-7151 plus II
UJF-7151 plus II

This printer is capable of printing up to 1800 dpi, compared to the 1200 dpi of the previous model, allowing users to experience high-definition quality with less graininess and color irregularities. The strengthened structure of the printer body and enhancements to the print table reduces shaking during printing, allowing precise positioning of ink droplets. Load capacity has been increased from 22lbs to 66lbs (10 to 30 kg), allowing users to print on heavier metal jigs and other equipment, while maintaining accurate positioning.

A key feature is the new UV Color Gloss function, which enables a glossy finish on color UV inks without the need for clear ink.  This new feature increases value and profitability on a variety of applications.

UJF-MkII e Series: The new UJF-MkII e Series models include the UJF-3042 MkII e, UJF-3042 MkII Ex e, and the UJF-6042 MkII e. These printers offer improvements to image quality and stability, and enhanced operational performance over their predecessors.

The printing area of the UJF-3042 MkII e and UJF-3042 MkII Ex e measures 16.5 X 11.8 inches (420 X 300mm); and the UJF-6042 MkII e measures 16.5 X 24 inches (420 X 610mm).

All of the announced models include the new Mimaki Fine Diffusion (MFD2) core technology for half-toning that processes and precisely controls the placement of ink dots. The following proprietary core technologies are also incorporated: Nozzle Check Unit (NCU[1]), Nozzle Recovery System (NRS[2]), and Mimaki Advanced Pass Systems 4 (MAPS4[3]). These functions enable stable output of high-quality prints

The announced models come equipped with Mimaki RasterLink7 software, which facilitates numbering and variable printing functionality, along with MDL command sets which enable integration with production systems and peripheral devices for automated workflows. These commands enable users to adjust the height of the printing table, start time, and other operations remotely. Ink levels and errors can also be checked from connected peripheral devices.

These printers are compatible with various ink types, suitable for a variety of uses which allow direct printing on a wide array of media, including acrylic, resins, glass, metal, and even leather. This allows them to be used in the production of industrial printing up to 153mm thick such as nameplates, home appliances, information boards, indoor molded signs, custom goods, flexible media, and more.

The UV-LED curable inks are available in rigid or flexible formulations. Also available is Mimaki inkjet primer PR-200, designed to improve the adhesion of Mimaki UV-LED inks on certain media. As a result, they are the ideal solution for print providers looking to diversify their offerings.

The UV-LED curable inks LH-100, LUS-120, and LUS-150 received GREENGUARD Gold certification by UL, meeting the standards for chemical substance emission specified by this third-party safety science organization. This certification is recognized for its personal and environmental safety.

[1] NCU: Automatically detects the status of nozzles using the sensor, and performs auto-cleaning when a missing nozzle is found. Optional for “UJF-3042MkII e”.
[2] NRS: Automatically replaces defective nozzles with other nozzles if there is a problem left unsolved by the nozzle cleaning, and ensures uninterrupted printing with stable image quality.
[3] MAPS4: Prints pass boundaries fading in gradation to reduce banding (horizontal stripes), uneven color, and glossy streaks.


The new JFX600-2513 large flatbed UV inkjet printer is a successor to the JFX500-2131 and is three times faster with a dramatically increased number of printheads—sixteen.

In addition, the number of colors that can be installed has been increased from four colors in the previous JFX500-2131 to now six colors in the new JFX600-2513. A wide variety of ink sets can be selected to lead printing with vivid colors and higher expressive power. It results in more eye-catching signage graphics at higher speeds than ever before. In four-color mode, the printer can produce 2,152 square feet/hour. With six colors or specialty inks, the printer products 1,292 square feet/hour.

Aside from the basic CMYK, the printer supports light cyan, light magenta, primer, white, and clear ink. Three variable drop sizes are available, and the low-VOC inks have been certified as GREENGUARD Gold.

Other features include the Mimaki Print Controller system, bulk ink system, Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) function, and MDL command. With MDL command, shops can connect inkjet printers to peripheral devices such as robots, conveyor belts, inspection equipment, various sensors, and pre- and post-processing systems through intercommunication to enable integration into production lines, unattended on-demand production, and mass customization. Features like this are in demand due to the increased interest in automation and workflow.

To learn more, be sure to tune in to Mimaki’s UV Live Event tomorrow!

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Epson to Showcase Innovative Laser Projectors at InfoComm Virtual Post-Show Event

Epson America, Inc. will participate in the upcoming InfoComm Virtual Post-Show Event from Nov. 9-10, demonstrating its leading projection solutions.PowerLite
The InfoComm Virtual Post-Show Event connects attendees to the latest AV solutions for live events, digital signage, education, integrated experiences, and more. The online event features one-on-one appointments with exhibitors and access to AVIXA’s Women’s Council keynote presentation as well as interactive sessions from InfoComm exhibitors and the D=SIGN: Digital Signage Conference.

Epson will host a virtual presentation at the show on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET. Both sessions will show hands-on demos of Epson’s most compact interchangeable lens projectors, including the world’s smallest and lightest 10,000 lumen projector,1 and the PowerLite® L-Series fixed-lens laser projectors that provide up to 7,000 lumens of brightness2 and deliver bright images ideal for education, business and more.

Epson’s virtual booth will feature its robust lineup of large venue, education, meeting room and digital signage projectors to support immersive and larger-than-life experiences. Products featured include:

  • Epson Pro Series EB-PU Projectors: Ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 lumens,2 Epson’s latest Pro Series projectors bring integrators pro-level features and installation tools such as the built-in NFC function. The lineup includes the EB-PU2010, the world’s smallest and lightest 10,000 lumen projector.1 Equipped with advanced installation features, 3-chip 3LCD for best-in-class color brightness3 and WUXGA resolution with 4K Enhancement Technology,4 the new models deliver crystal-clear, lifelike images for higher education, corporate, visitor attractions, and signage markets.
  • PowerLite Laser Projectors: Meeting the needs of today’s lecture halls, corporate meeting rooms, retail spaces, and beyond, Epson’s high-powered PowerLite projectors engage and inspire with exceptionally bright, larger-than-life images up to 500-inches5 and ultra-wide aspect ratios.6 These laser projectors support dynamic content sharing with the latest connectivity and a full suite of creative, collaborative features for impactful presentations, video conferencing, retail displays, and more.
  • LightScene® Laser Projectors: Epson’s cutting-edge digital signage solution, LightScene allows users to create stunning visual displays and immersive environments. A convergence of lighting and display technology, LightScene laser projectors captivate audiences by simultaneously illuminating and projecting on virtually any surface or material to unleash dynamic, experiential content for digital art, commercial signage and décor applications. LightScene offers a sleek black or white spotlight design with an array of configuration, mounting and programming options to blend in discreetly to any setting, from retail, hospitality and event spaces to showrooms and museums.
  • BrightLink® Interactive Laser Displays: Designed for laser-focused learning, BrightLink displays transform meeting spaces and classrooms into immersive, collaborative environments where productivity is enhanced, creativity is on display and participants are fully engaged. Equipped with 3-chip 3LCD technology for bold, brilliant color even in ambient light settings, BrightLink models deliver big, bright images up to 120-inches to captivate viewers. These flexible laser displays breathe new life into ordinary walls and dry erase boards, eliminating the need for dedicated electronic boards or space-consuming flat panels.

The virtual event will take place online. Registration is open now and additional details can be found at

1 Comparison based on projectors rated at 10,000 lumens. Lumens, size and weight based on the manufacturers’ online specifications and industry-available data as of February 2021.
2 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.
3 Color brightness measured per IDMS 15.4. Additional colors and picture modes tested. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors vs. comparable top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on NPD sales data for October 2019 – September 2020. COLOR BRIGHTNESS WILL VARY BASED ON USAGE CONDITIONS.
4 4K Enhancement Technology shifts each pixel to surpass Full HD resolution on screen.
5 Available on PowerLite L520U, PowerLite L530U, PowerLite L630U, PowerLite L730U, and PowerLite L735U
6 16:6 aspect ratio available on select models

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