Avery Dennison at SEMA 2021

Wrap training held at the Avery Dennison booth during SEMA 2019.

Avery Dennison® will be at Booth #52105 during SEMA 2021 (Tuesday, November 2 to Friday, November 5) at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada with live product demonstrations and expert training from Justin Pate, Chad Parrish, Charlie Trujillo, Narayan Andrews and Harold Nimitz.

The company will showcase its full breadth of automotive films and the best practices for each: color change vehicle wraps, paint protection films in gloss, matte and colored finishes, automotive window films, and digital vehicle wrapping films.

Events scheduled at the SEMA 2021 Avery Dennison booth are as follows:

Tuesday, November 2
  • 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.: Supreme Wrapping™ Film Demo (Justin Pate, Chad Parrish, Charlie Trujillo)
  • 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.: Ask the Trainer Skill Hour
  • 1:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.: Paint Protection Film & Window Film Demo (Narayan Andrews, Harold Nimitz)
Wednesday, November 3
  • 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.: Paint Protection Film & Window Film Demo (Narayan Andrews, Harold Nimitz)
  • 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.: Ask the Trainer Skill Hour
  • 1:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.: MPI 1105 Demo (Justin Pate, Chard Parrish, Charlie Trujillo)
Thursday, November 5
  • 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.: Paint Protection Film & Window Film Demo (Narayan Andrews, Harold Nimitz)
  • 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.: Ask the Trainer Skill Hour
  • 1:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.: MPI 1105 Demo (Justin Pate, Chard Parrish, Charlie Trujillo)
  • 3:30 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.: Certified Wrap Installer (CWI) Appreciation Happy Hour
Friday, November 6
  • 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.: MPI 1105 Demo (Justin Pate, Chard Parrish, Charlie Trujillo)

Avery Dennison is showcasing the following film products and technology at SEMA 2021:

Supreme Wrapping™ Film. A portfolio of more than 120 colors, finishes, and accents, including new Gloss Metallics and ColorFlow™ Gloss.

Paint Protection Film. Experience Avery Dennison’s latest advancements in paint protection films which are at the forefront in style and self-healing vehicle protection.

Automotive Window Film. Choose from a variety of shades and light transmission levels to give vehicles a custom appearance while improving comfort for riders and blocking harmful UV rays and harsh glare.

MPI 1105 Wrapping Film. The industry’s Gold Standard digital cast wrapping film for fleet and vehicle wraps, delivering vibrant graphics and fast installation.

2022 Automotive Training Classes. Avery Dennison’s 2022 wrap, paint protection film, and automotive window film training class schedules will be unveiled at the show and also post-SEMA. To learn more about Avery Dennison Training Classes, and to hear from their Certified Wrap Installers (CWI), stop by the booth on Thursday as they discuss their experience and showcase their skills during Avery Dennison’s CWI happy hour in the booth.

Car Wrap Visualizer. Try out Avery Dennison’s Wrap Visualizer Tool to see how it takes the guesswork out of choosing a vehicle wrap. With over 120 different colors, your creativity and options are endless with Supreme Wrapping Film and Conform Chrome Series products. Share your designs on social media for a chance to win a special prize.

—Press Release

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Signshop Combats “Internet Pricing” with New Equipment

A signshop in Granite Quarry, NC is capitalizing on election season thanks to the addition of new equipment, the Salisbury Post writes.

In years past, the shop would turn down candidates because “we couldn’t compete with internet pricing,” Drew Harwood, owner of Harwood Signs, told the paper. That’s no longer the case, however, thanks to the recent purchase of a flatbed printer and a flatbed cutting table with a router.

“With this equipment on hand now, it’s definitely been a game-changer for us,” he said. As a result, the shop has been swamped during the past six months making signs and banners for almost 20 candidates.

“[Business partner] Justin [Overcash] and I laugh and talk about getting another flatbed printer, where when we first bought this one we were scared to death about making a purchase like this,” Harwood told the Post. “Now we’re looking to see if the market will maintain where we should be running two because half the time it seems like we’re fighting over who is going to be using the flatbed.”

Read more at the Salisbury Post.

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LightFair Enhances 2021 Show Floor

LightFair enhances its exhibit hall experience with more than forty-five events, including networking opportunities, categorized lighting pavilions, educational pavilion tours and giveaways, across the three days of the trade show this October 27-29 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

“LightFair’s trade show allows powerful connections to be made between individuals in the lighting and design industries,” said Dan Darby, show director. “Whether those connections are made through exploring lighting in pavilions or attending networking events, our exhibit hall is the place to build and develop those relationships.”

Events around the exhibit hall will be presented in locations—LightFair Live, the Special Events Area, and the Designery—as well as guided tours across all five pavilions.

LightFair Live will feature seven presenters discussing topics such as utilizing smart lighting and understanding Bluetooth mesh.

The Special Events Area is a collaborative space for networking with industry professionals through ten events such as: scavenger hunts; open houses; and meetings.

The Designery offers twelve educational sessions covering topics such as: composing a winning award submittal; lighting designed for sex; and the LightFair mentorship Q&A panel.

Kicking off events at the trade show is the opening day speaker, Karim RashidTime Magazine’s “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas,” discussing The Business of Beauty at LightFair Live. Rashid will address how to keep businesses engaged and exciting during the mass mechanization of the twentieth century. LightFair Live will feature a lineup of an additional six sessions presented by exhibitors and member-based organizations throughout the trade show.

Nine of the industry’s leading membership organizations will host networking events in the Special Events Area during the 2021 LightFair trade show: Association of Energy Engineers (AEE); Illuminating Engineering Society (IES); International Association of Lighting Designs (IALD); International Association of Lighting Management (NALMCO); National Lighting Bureau (NLB); The Lighting Quotient; Women in Lighting + Design (WILD); and Women in Lighting Mexico (WIL). Networking events include presentations, a scavenger hunt and general meeting times for visitors to connect in-person with others in the industry.

Over three days, eight professionally-led tours will educate attendees and provide an overview of LightFair’s five pavilions—Smart PavilionDesign PavilionOutdoor PavilionThe Collective and the New Exhibitor Pavilion—along with a general show floor tour for new attendees and a tour of LightFair Innovation Award winners.

As an added bonus, all visitors to the New Exhibitor Pavilion have the chance to win one of three $250 Visa gift cards in LightFair’s new “Watts New” contest, where attendees must log five or more visits to new exhibitors in the pavilion. The contest runs through the LightFair mobile app, where visits will be tracked and winners will be announced.

In daily giveaways on the trade show floor, attendees can receive LightFair “swag,” such as branded water bottles, as well as snacks and vouchers redeemable for free drinks.

The tradeshow floor will showcase a total of 240-plus lighting exhibitors. Tradeshow access, as well as LightFair’s 45-plus exhibit floor events, is complimentary for the 2021 edition. As an added benefit, attendees who register for the LightFair Trade Show before Friday, October 15, automatically will be entered to win one of five pairs of tickets to The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere with 360-degree views of New York City.

Admission to the LightFair Conference, which runs October 25-29, is separate from trade show access. Registration for the conference ranges from $90 to $1,495, and comes with access to some 35-plus sessions across six tracks, spanning over the five days of the conference. Sessions will range from two days, one-day, daily workshops, ninety-minte sessions, and sixty-minute sessions, offering near ninety CEUs.

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An Overview of Digital Signage Markets

By Ashley Bray

It can be difficult to fully break down the best markets for digital signage because, really, any market can find value in this dynamic signage type. “If you have something to sell, and you have a road where people are driving by, there’s no industry that couldn’t benefit from it. It’s just a matter of educating and getting them to see the value,” says Justin Holland, co-founder and vice president of Sales and Marketing for Complete Signs in Dothan, Alabama, which was founded in 1999.

Digital signage is a powerful way for a business to speak directly to its audience, and for this reason, it’s an indispensable branding, informative, and sales tool all rolled into one. “It legitimately can 100 percent help most any business that has good traffic count speak to their audience and help their audience understand what they offer when there’s so many preconceived notions,” says Holland. “If it’s an eye doctor, you think you just go there for eye exams, but you have no idea they have a whole spa in the back and sell 300 different sunglasses.

“You can break all these preconceived notions when you can speak to your audience, so it’s just so much fun to help businesses truly do that and then to see them reap the benefits from it.”

Holland says he’s found many digital sign customers in the following businesses and markets:

  • Banks/credit unionsbank digital sign complete signs
  • Car dealerships
  • Casinos
  • Churches
  • Doctor’s/Dentist’s offices
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Veterinarian clinics

It can be tempting to go for the bigger clients, like casinos and car dealers, who have larger advertising budgets. But Holland cautions these clients can be more difficult to start a relationship with.

On the other hand, Holland has had a lot of success with small businesses, like regional banks and credit unions. “We have a lot of little regional banks we work with, and they love digital signs,” he says.

He also mentions other markets where digital signage is starting to grow in popularity. “Real estate is a big one,” he says. “And right now, we’ve seen a nice trend with car washes and self-storage places.”

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these markets.

Banks/Credit Unions 

Digital signage in banks serves to inform as well as entertain customers and reduce perceived wait times.

This type of signage can be found both inside and out, and it also plays a role in branding the bank or credit union. According to digital signage provider Scala, studies show that when a bank branch features digital signage, 87% of customers say the bank is trustworthy and 90% say their bank is experienced.


complete signs churchDigital signage at houses of worship are all about fostering community and informing church members. Outdoor digital signage can also be used to make the church more visible to the community and attract more members.

Digital signage helps to modernize churches and move them away from the use of paper handouts and static displays like bulletin boards to a more dynamic way of displaying information. In fact, according to digital signage provider Mvix, churches can spend up to $6,500 in annual photocopying, paper, and print costs. Digital signage reduces this cost by 76%.

Many churches also make the jump from projectors to digital signage for a more reliable, visually striking method of presentation.


Educational settings greatly benefit from the use of digital signage in the learning process as well as in keeping students and staff informed. According to Mvix, 73% of learning institutions view digital signage as a vital element in the future of communication.

The use of digital scoreboards in sports stadiums and gyms is also a popular application in this market.

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PPDS Collaborates with Software Providers to Create PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays and solutions, is excited to announce a new collaboration with leading hardware and computer vision software providers, Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs, for the creation of the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail. Bringing a bundled, trusted, and proven solution to system integrators and retailers for easy installation and straightforward integration into stores.

ppds retail signage

Continuing PPDS’ Total Solutions strategy – and its ongoing efforts to support the retail market through world-first innovations – the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail is a revolutionary AI-powered digital signage solution that combines Philips digital signage with intelligent context-aware software and camera technologies. Delivering unparalleled data-driven insights to high street retailers for enhanced, more targeted customer experiences resulting in a greater return on investment.

Designed to take the customer’s omnichannel strategy to the next level and to create an experience unachievable online, the solution enables retailers to make smarter, more informed business decisions, using advanced analytics based on the store’s activities throughout the day, week, month or even year.

Chris Colpaert, General Manager at PPDS, commented: “There has never been a more important time for retailers to attract customers back to the high street and to seize every sales opportunity. Every store is different and every customer is different, so the marketing that works for one person may not for another. Take into account age and gender, and you’re almost certainly alienating a high percentage of the people entering a store. With our advanced Philips digital signage and our industry-leading partnerships with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs, we’re reducing the odds of failure and increasing sales opportunities for retailers, while making the experience for customers a smarter and more tailored one.”

Artificial intelligence / Personal shopper

Compatible with PPDS’s Philips P-Line* 24/7 digital signage range for indoor environments (42”-55”), and connected with the store’s choice of on-board ethernet or wi-fi, the solution harnesses Advantech’s powerful integrated DS-200 SDM-L Smart Display Module computer platform, powered by Intel vPro technology that can be used to manage the unit remotely. These are brought together with the award-winning Aquaji smart AI-computer vision driven software platform for marketing analytics, and QL CMS software used to manage the display contents, both from Navori Labs.

Available as a cloud-based solution (SaaS) or as an on-premises version hosted on your own hardware, the plug and play ‘Navori Aquaji’ software analyses video feeds from embedded or IP-based cameras strategically placed around the store. These produce anonymous marketing data and comparable metrics based on foot-traffic and people’s physical features* (up to 98 percent accuracy) – including gender – which are delivered on an intuitive and fully featured dashboard assessable on any computer.

The information can be used to deliver unique, bespoke, targeted content and marketing to help drive sales. Alternatively, content can be easily created and scheduled, based on the data analytics, such as during times where a specific demographic, or group, i.e., sports fans are historically more prevalent. The solution is GDPR friendly, 100 percent anonymous and doesn’t perform facial recognition. No images or videos are ever stored on the system.

Other benefits of the PPDS Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail include:

  • Know your customers: Measure footfall counts excluding staff and classify each guest based on their attributes (gender and age range).
  • Time in store and waiting time: Determine the time spent in line and time spent before receiving service. This data is used for queue optimization.
  • Attention span: Calculate each shopper’s field of vision in relation to any monitored area or digital signage screen for audience assessment and proof-of-performance analytics.
  • Proactive: Anticipate foot traffic and demand based on comparable data over time.
  • Staff where and when you need them: Optimize staffing levels to meet peak hour demand.
  • Store design: Manage shelf layout to ensure an easy flow to the right marketplace and product.

Instant results

ppds retail signage

The tried and tested Navori Aquaji platform comes with an impressive success record for retailers, with one store reporting a 42 percent increase in impulse product selling, thanks to a triggered targeted customer promotional offer. Another retailer reported up to a 26 percent increase in entrance traffic due to the presence of in-store displays, using targeted marketing, while a department store improved customer satisfaction, reducing its waiting time by 35 percent on weekend peak hours by implanting extra ambulatory cashiers.

Tim de Ruiter, International Business Manager, PPDS, concluded: “This solution is a revolution for retailers, allowing them to manage content confidently, knowing that it’s timely, on target and accurate. By selecting the gender and age frame, the retailer can be sure that only one group will see a specific promotion.

“Helping our retail end customers to make their jobs as hassle-free as possible helps our system integrators to differentiate their own service. So, helping them to track whether content receives attention, and to be able to adjust it within the timeframe of the promotion to make it more attractive, is a real bonus. The data helps them to make the right decisions and they can clearly see the impact of their decisions with the results. It’s a virtuous loop.”

Chris Colpaert concluded: “This solution will bring retailers the tools to improve their customers’ journey and experience by analyzing the data and implementing the right content to the right person at the right moment and in the right place. This is a game-changer for the retail industry, whether you’re a single small corner shop or an international retailer.”

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swissQprint Launches New Line of Flatbed Printers

swissQprint (Kriessern, Switzerland) has launched a new series of flatbed printers this month featuring new print heads and improved mechanical features.

Maximum resolution of 1350 dpi and precision droplet placement “significantly” boost the print quality of the Impala and Nyala models, the company said in a release. Both printers also benefit from an increase in output for certain production print modes. The Oryx model is almost 40 percent faster than its predecessor.

swissQprint’s fourth generation of flatbeds incorporates various mechanical improvements, including the Tip Switch Vacuum (patent pending).

The new line is currently available for delivery via the company’s worldwide distribution network. Both in-person and virtual demonstrations can be arranged. Additionally, a sample service is offered.

For more information, visit swissqprint.com.

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Sign Pro Offers Customers a Blunt Education, and More Reader Thoughts from Our October Issue

On Recent Issues and Articles

  • What’s new is always interesting. — Stuart Matelsky, Westchester Sign and Maintenance, Yonkers, NY
  • Been enjoying your work in general. We are thankful for having a solid publication for our industry. — Bob Norman, Guthman Signs, Sarasota, FL

How Do We Educate Our Customers?

  • With the increased use of websites like Vistaprint, it feels like our customers are being dumbed down to think all design/print/signs should be cheap and quick. What are some good reminders for signmakers to help navigate that conversation with the customer? I find myself being very blunt with them, which isn’t a bad thing, but I feel this could be a good platform for others’ suggestions. — Cory Marcin, EP-Direct, Fond Du Lac, WI

Reader Request Granted

  • I would love to see more how-to articles on basic day to day sign making instead of these massive sign projects and exotic car wraps. — Chad Lawson, Sign Pro of Skagit Valley, Mount Vernon, WA

EDITOR’S REPLY: Chad, we try very hard to balance the massive projects with those more within the reach of all sign companies. Both articles in this issue (see pages 20 and 26) feature projects every sign company should be able to do.

Looking for a Way Out

  • What is the best way to sell a small sign company? — Robert Burke, Burke Enterprise, Oakdale, CT
  • Exit strategies… always a topic of conversation here. — Nonnie Luther, Cadillac Sign Co., Norwood, NC

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NUtec Diamond D10-ESM

Expanded color options of the Diamond D10-GF-MS21 eco-solvent alternative ink range, designed for Mimaki SS21 presses with Epson DX4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 printheads. GBL-free, low-smell, abrasion- and chemical-resistant. Available in orange, light black and CMYKcm.


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ISA’s THE LINK…Install Offers One Last Business-Building Connection for 2021

ISA’s THE LINK…INSTALL continues to deliver important connections between local and national sign companies in unique one-on-one virtual networking appointments. The next round will be held November 3-4, offering the final opportunity for 2021.

the link isa

Past participants praised the experience as well as the connections they made. Soon after the event one said already been contacted about future projects. Another called it a “great way to network. It was nice to interact with people and actually speak with them.”

Even in a virtual setting, the event provided an opportunity to “speak about our qualifications and offer our services with more detail.”

The virtual event grew out of the popular in-person event held at ISA International Sign Expo in the past. Without an in-person event for two years, this important aspect of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry was threatened. This new virtual event has helped fill the gap—and will continue even when ISA International Sign Expo returns to an in-person event in 2022. (And yes, a version of the local-national networking event will occur in-person at ISA Sign Expo in Atlanta May 4-6.)

It’s a win for national sign companies, too. “It’s a great way to expand your vendor network without all the work of finding them yourself,” said one. Another noted it was a “great opportunity to see many people and vendors for the money.”

Space is limited for the November event and the deadline is fast approaching. Interested companies should contact ISA today by emailing TheLink-Install@signs.org or calling (703) 778-6303. Local sign and install companies may only participate in one event per year to ensure opportunities for other local companies.

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Watchfire Signs Picked as New Corporate Partner for the National Federation of State High School Associations

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has entered into a new corporate partnership with Watchfire Signs, a digital display manufacturer, specializing in LED displays used in sporting venues as well as thousands of marquee signs in front of schools nationwide.


With its indoor and outdoor video displays, scoreboards, centerhungs and concourse video walls, Watchfire offers hands-on service from inception to installation and integration. It provides the expertise, Ignite Sports software, hardware, video cameras and audio equipment needed to create customized systems that increase crowd engagement. Watchfire also offers reliable, quality products to refresh school theatres, gymnasiums and outdoor sports venues.

Watchfire has a full line of fixed digit scoreboard and game clocks. Paired with video displays, these traditional scoreboards from Watchfire look great and come with an industry-best warranty and turnkey service for tight budgets.

“We are excited to welcome Watchfire as a new NFHS corporate partner,” said Dr. Karissa Niehoff, NFHS executive director. “Watchfire is a name well-known among the high school community as a provider of quality videoboards and outstanding customer service, and we look forward to joining together to benefit high schools across the country.”

The agreement with Watchfire is for three years and includes designations as an “Official NFHS Corporate Partner” and the “Official Scoreboard and Videoboard Manufacturer of the NFHS.”

It also includes exhibit spaces at future National Athletic Directors Conferences, and opportunities to place advertisements in NFHS printed and electronic communications.
“Watchfire is proud to be an official provider of quality LED displays to the members of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS),” added Kyle Dines, Watchfire Vice President of Sports and Indoor. “We believe in providing the industry’s best quality signs and video scoreboards that celebrate education-based high school athletics and other activities while engaging communities. Watchfire is excited to deliver products that contribute to educational opportunities and revenue opportunities for high schools across the U.S.”

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