Marathon Oil HQ Lobby Features Interactive LED Sculpture

The two flag-like LED displays of the digital sculpture employ a tight 1.25 mm pixel pitch.

Marathon Oil, an independent exploration and production company in the energy sector, commissioned a dynamic digital showpiece for the lobby of its new headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Owner-representative Sensory Interactive crafted the interactive digital media sculpture, which is built with LED technology from SNA Displays’ display series.

The two flag-like LED displays of the digital sculpture employ a tight 1.25 mm pixel pitch, allowing for optimal viewing at very close proximity. Despite totaling only 40 square feet of display canvas, the pixel density is such that the pair of quadrilateral screens are packed with 2.4 million pixels.

According to Sensory Interactive, the digital display blends art and advanced motion capture technology that responds to visitors as they move through the space.

The art piece, whose form draws inspiration from crystal shapes found in geology, passively relays foot traffic data, allowing screen content to adjust dynamically.

However, users can also actively interact with the piece through gesture tracking to explore Marathon Oil’s history, learn about staff, and view a changing catalogue of content types (such as branded content, ambient/artistic content, and community content).

The digital display blends art and advanced motion capture technology that responds to visitors as they move through the space.

Custom fabricator CRĒO Industrial Arts designed and built the sculpture according to Sensory Interactive’s design concept.

The geode-inspired structure is clad in non-reflective aluminum with a marble stone veneer and was built to appear as a monolith, a single unit with no apparent joints.

Furthermore, the lattice-like frame appears different to viewers when observed from various angles.

For example, the screens appear to be on the same spot along the z-axis when viewed straight on, but moving to the side reveals that they are offset. The forced perspective change encourages visitors to contemplate the piece from various vantage points.

“Motion sensing and data driven visualization features were integrated into a suite of services, so that the sculpture could react to ambient foot traffic in such a grand space,” said Andrew Yee, senior associate of project management for Sensory Interactive. “In order to get the optimum results for the client, we used highly customized control systems that aren’t typical in corporate spaces.”

Digital signage software development company Sedna provided media management devices used to control interactivity elements of the sculpture.

Motion sensing and data driven visualization features were integrated into a suite of services.

The lobby installation is part of a growing trend in corporate spaces and the arts, highlighting the appeal of physical sculptures with a digital visual element.

“More and more, we’re finding that prospective clients are implementing designs that incorporate LED technology and include brilliant visuals, real-time data, or interactivity; sometimes, all of the above,” said Jason Helton, executive vice president for SNA Displays. “Particularly with digital sculptures, customers are finding lots of value in being able to entertain and even inspire visitors with technology that fits within their existing design or branding.”

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ portfolio page for the Marathon Oil digital sculpture.

—Press Release

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RSA Launches Next Generation ReadyPrint Prepress Suite

Rochester Software Associates (RSA), provider of production print workflow software solutions for in-plant print centers, commercial printers, and PSPs, announces the launch of the next-generation ReadyPrint universal prepress suite.

This release intelligently automates the production process from file receipt through production, delivering higher automation levels for graphic arts shops and in-plants.

Featuring a completely re-designed web-based automation engine with an improved workflow builder, it also adds new email capabilities and enhancements to the software’s make ready and preflight functions. Customers will benefit from:

  • Increased productivity and flexibility with a universal centralized prepress function. The redesigned ReadyPrint Pro Automatica automation engine is now available as a multi-user web-based server application.
  • Automating repetitive time-consuming prepress tasks using a more capable, easier to use workflow builder with the ability to create complex decision processing logic.
  • Eliminating the tedious process of monitoring emails and manually onboarding files using new email capabilities.
  • Reducing the manual steps and operator time for complex jobs that need different operations for only part of the job or jobs that need to be assembled from multiple documents into a single file. Using the new burst and remerge function and ReadyPrint Binder as part of an automated workflow, reduce errors and job management challenges.
  • More streamlined prepress workflow and increased efficiency using the additional bleed and preflighting support in ReadyPrint’s make ready and preflighting functions.

Product Manager Prepress and Output Management Solutions Anthony Leccese stated, “This release takes the suite to a new level as a key workflow tool, further advancing its value as the one universal prepress solution for production devices regardless of controller or manufacturer. Standalone or integrated seamlessly with RSA’s WebCRD™ and QDirect™ solutions, ReadyPrint turns printing into productivity.”

—Press Release

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MUTOH Releases New Vibrant Orange MS41 Eco-Solvent Ink

MUTOH America has released MS41 Orange Ink, a vibrant new color addition to its Eco-Solvent line of inks. Orange MS41 Ink significantly expands the yellow to magenta color gamut, resulting in richer, more complex and natural skin tones and vivid output of images. It has excellent adhesion and is ideal for wraps, indoor/outdoor signage, banners, window vinyl, decals, and more.

MS41 Orange is an available option for MUTOH’s XpertJet 1682SR printer. With the addition of orange ink, the color capabilities of this printer are widened, opening up new product opportunities for customers. It is available in 300ml bags and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, signifying this product has low-emitting volatile organic compounds and is safe to use in sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, and daycare facilities. It has an outdoor durability of up to three years.

“With the introduction of MUTOH’s MS41 Orange Ink we can provide an improved color gamut, specifically in the yellow-red spectrum,” says Tony Simmering, MUTOH America Product Manager. “The uncompromising quality of our Eco-Solvent printers, paired with a true, eight-color configuration, will award print shops with the confidence they are producing the absolute best for customers.”

—Press Release

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How White Ink Can Help Print Providers Diversity into High-margin Work

For large-format print providers, white ink can be the “killer feature” that wins business and boosts margins.

“All that glitters is not gold,” goes the aphorism. Perhaps not. But a highlight in an illustration – for instance, for a window graphic or a vinyl cling—grabs the viewer’s eye and draws them in. For advertisers who need high-impact promotional material, that can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s why many advertisers and creatives are turning to large-format printers, able to produce high value prints with the broadest range of medias to produce the richest possible output with vivid and highly saturated colors. One of the most surprising ways they’re doing this is by using white ink.

“In the large-format business, using white ink gives the printer a great way to print neater image outlines, to add more contrast with colored or dark supports. It also improves color rendering when it’s used as a base ink on translucent or transparent supports. All of these properties help print providers make a higher margin” says Tom Wittenberg, HP Large Format Events and Industry Relations Manager, NA. “Our studies show print providers who use advanced latex printing technology, capable of printing in white ink, can drive an increase in average gross margins.”

White Ink
HP Latex 800W & 700W printers.
The Applications of White Ink

Using white ink helps print providers produce high-margin graphics, for example: a contour-cut window graphic with white ink can drive increased profitability by up to 13 percent. Yet this is by no means the only use for white ink in large-format printing.

Other uses of white ink in large-format printing include:

  • Applying white ink to signage to increase vividness
  • Add a background layer to CYMK images, for instance backlit signage, to make them more vivid
  • Improved colour rendering when used as a base ink on translucent or transparent support
  • Giving images sharper edges, for greater impact
  • Increasing contrast with coloured or dark supports to improve visibility.

How the Right Ink Will Put a Glint in a PSP’s Eye

One of the toughest things of the last year, has been finding new types of print jobs—to replace those which have fallen by the wayside during lockdown—as well as differentiating yourself from all the other print providers who are trying to do the same thing.

Investing in latex printing technologies is one way for print service providers (PSPs) to stand out from the crowd and to offer customers services that their rivals lack. In fact, when you invest in a high-end latex printer, capable of printing the highest value jobs in a broad range of medias, your erstwhile rivals often become your customers.

According to recent research by Keypoint Intelligence, PSPs outsource 46 percent of high-value, high-complexity jobs[1]. By choosing the right technology, you can win some of that business and reduce risk.

Making White Ink Easy to Use

Many white inks for large-format printers have a reputation for causing clogs, usually due to the size of the pigment particles, which were larger than those in other inks. However, in its current generation of HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series, HP has prevented this potential issue from happening.

The latest HP white latex inks have an innovative fluid management technology. This continually recirculates the ink both within the ink delivery system and at the printhead, preventing clogging. There are even ink pumps on the printhead that keep the ink flowing and in a ready-to-print state.

Using an HP Thermal Inkjet permits the user to remove the white printhead when it is not in use, so they can store it safely in a rotating chamber, minimising ink waste and ensuring that it remains in a consistent liquid state. You then simply reinsert the printhead into the printer when you need to use it.

“Investing in a large-format printer able to print with white ink is a great way to gain a competitive edge and increase margins,” says Tom Wittenberg. “Investing in HP Latex printers, such as the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series, gives you just such an edge. They allow you to offer high-impact graphics which earn higher margins and make you a go-to destination for anyone who needs a valuable large-format printing partner.”

As the market evolves and shifts even more, in response to factors ranging from digital transformation right through to the ongoing public-health crisis, the print vendors who continue to prosper will be those that are most adaptive and who are able to offer something their competitors cannot.

To find out more about these game-changing printers, join us at one of our HP Latex 700/800 Academies. They’re a quick ninety minutes and give you the entire rundown of the products—advantages, benefits, and applications—plus the opportunity to speak up and get your questions answered by the experts.

—HP Large Format Marketing

About Tom Wittenberg

Tom Wittenberg is the HP Large Format Events and Industry Relations Manager for North America. He has been in the printing industry for nearly thirty-six years. As a turnaround professional, he has led successful sales, operational, and financial overhauls of three global printing companies to double and triple sales and profit in three years, prior to joining the HP Marketing team.

[1] Based on a research conducted by Keypoint Intelligence July 2020 and commissioned by HP, over 100 print service providers across the U.S., Europe, and India.

© Copyright 2020 HP Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.

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Published first here: Holds Charity Donation Event for Fifth Consecutive Year

For the fifth consecutive year, is pleased to announce the start of its much-awaited annual charity donation event, beginning Monday, November 1, 2021. This year’s contest focuses on three outstanding charities and organizations.

Between November 1, 2021 and December 17, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. ET, invites everyone to visit the special contest website and vote once per day for one of the nominated charitable organizations.

After the voting period, the organization with the most votes will receive a $5,000 donation from Intersign Corporation. will publicly announce the 2021 contest winner in January of 2022.

This year’s nominees are BrightFocus Foundation, GlobalGiving, and Remote Area Medical (RAM).

BrightFocus Foundation/Alzheimer’s Disease Research: Since inception, the Alzheimer’s Disease Research (ADR) program of BrightFocus Foundation has awarded more than $140 million to support promising research in fields ranging from molecular biology to genetics. The goal of ADR funding is to advance innovative research promoting developments in the etiology, prevention of, and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Every donation raised from individuals, corporations, and foundations significantly helps BrightFocus to be a step closer to finding effective treatment for those impacted and ultimately a cure for this disease.

GlobalGiving: GlobalGiving is a highly-rated nonprofit that makes it safe and easy to support local projects anywhere in the world, while also providing often overlooked and underfunded nonprofits with the tools and resources they need to thrive. This is how GlobalGiving accelerates community-led change in 175-plus countries around the world. Because GlobalGiving has partners in every corner of the globe, when crises occur—including the COVID-19 pandemic and California wildfires—they are able to quickly get donations where they’re needed most and help communities drive their recovery long after the news cameras leave.

RAM: Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps: Remote Area Medical® – RAM is a major nonprofit provider of pop-up clinics with a mission to prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free, quality healthcare to those in need. RAM’s clinics provide free dental, vision, medical, and veterinary services to everyone, regardless of background, in an ongoing effort to fill healthcare gaps. Since its founding in 1985, RAM’s Corps of more than 172,900 volunteers—comprised of licensed dental, vision, medical, and veterinary professionals, as well as general support staff—have treated more than 863,700 individuals delivering more than $174 million worth of free healthcare services. supports these charitable organizations. Demonstrate your support by voting once a day until December 17, 2021.

About and Intersign Corporation

Intersign Corporation was founded in 1987 by Hank McMahon and is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Intersign Corporation is dedicated to providing the highest quality ADA-compliant architectural signage available today. All signs are made in-house by a team of over 170 Sign Artisans. In 2017, Intersign Corporation began hosting its annual charity donation contest and, to date, has donated more than $60,000., an Intersign Corporation company, is a leading provider of architectural signage for offices, apartment complexes, restaurants, and other general workplaces.

Additionally invites other ADA signage companies to join their team of distributors.

—Press Release


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Zünd Introduces PreCut Center Software

Zünd (Oak Creek, WI) has launched its PreCut Center software, developed to facilitate cut-file preparation for applications involving unprinted materials.

PreCut Center reduces the workload in file preparation, generates optimal material yield and eliminates the potential for error, the company said in a release. The software allows users to select a level of automation based on individual production requirements.

PreCut Center is available in two versions, Basic and Pro. The software generates a cut file in .zcc format and makes it available for subsequent import into Zünd Cut Center – ZCC. An option exists for outputting files in .dxf format.

For more information, visit

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Two Canon Employees Win Girls Who Print Rising Star Awards

Two employees from Canon Solutions America (Melville, NY) have taken home Rising Star Awards by Girls Who Print, an online network of women in the print industry.

Valentina Echavarria, product manager, and Melody Ownby, product planning specialist, earned the distinctions for their creation of the University Inkjet Program with Clemson University and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Launched in 2017 with Clemson University, the alma mater of both women, the program was established to educate students about print industry trends and Canon’s inkjet technology. It also exposes the students to career opportunities in print production and aims to set a precedent for future programs with universities nationwide. The press release offers more information on Echavarria and Ownby’s efforts.

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LexJet Opens The LexJet Experience

The LexJet Experience is a new way to receive information and the personal attention.

LexJet, a division of S-One Holdings Corporation, announces the debut of The LexJet Experience, an immersive virtual environment featuring over three dozen of its major partners.

Visitors can tour virtual booths of brands like Hahnemühle, General Formulations, EFI, HP, Canon, and more. At the same time, they get up close and personal with some of the newest equipment available on the market. LexJet specialists will be on hand to answer questions.

“We are excited about bringing this world to our customers,” says C.J. Forker, vice president of Sales at LexJet. “We believe that The LexJet Experience is a new way to receive information and the personal attention you would expect from an in-person industry trade show.”

Guests can explore the virtual experience anytime, and as LexJet adds new products and partners, the virtual floor space will continue to grow.

For questions regarding The LexJet Experience, contact a LexJet sales specialist at (800) 453-9538.

About LexJet

LexJet is dedicated to total convenience and personal customer service as a one-stop source for inkjet printing, equipment, materials, and, most importantly, expertise. LexJet provides business owners with the knowledge and products they need to convert digital images into new forms of visual merchandising, out-of-home advertising, and custom décor.

—Press Release

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BackLite Media’s “The Triple Crown” Setting the Benchmark with Daktronics Displays

Helping the United Arab Emirates to rethink digital out of home advertising, BackLite Media has partnered with Daktronics to deliver The Triple Crown displays to Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The three double-sided displays were installed this summer and unveiled October 1.

James Bicknell, CEO, BackLite Media commented, “We are proud to partner with Daktronics to bring their cutting-edge, high-quality displays to Sheikh Zayed Road. The customer service, attention to detail and quality of product has been second to none. We look forward to continuing to expand our partnership with the rest of the digital products we will soon be installing.”

Three double-sided displays, each measuring 8 meters high by 16 meters wide, combine for more than 700 square meters of digital space and more than 7 million pixels. All displays feature 10-millimeter pixel spacing, incorporate industry-leading environmental protection and Daktronics’ high contrast technology for vibrant color reproduction.

The uniqueness of these displays, located within viewing distance of each other is sure to capture attention and showcase BackLite Media’s offering as these displays are “Desirable by Design.”

“BackLite Media set the standard in the industry with their traditional backlit displays; they are now doing the same for digital displays,” says Mathieu Verbraken, development manager at Daktronics Dubai. “It’s a privilege to work with their great team. They have pushed us to deliver a world-class solution that fit their expectations. They set a new benchmark, not only for the Middle East, but on a global scale, for how digital displays should be designed and sold. Having chosen Daktronics to supply the LED technology elevates the viewing experience to match their luxury client portfolio.”

With the digital aspect of these displays, they can change content at a moment’s notice or be used in conjunction to highlight a single advertiser across all six display faces to appeal to those traveling in both directions. This digital sign installation is offering unique time slots for advertising, including a 24-second option to deliver an uninterrupted, detailed and immersive message.

Daktronics provides digital technology solutions that offer flexible scheduling for multiple advertisers as well as quick and easy changes in content. Additional services provided to the OOH industry add value and generate revenue for customers.

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PPDS Releases Near Bezel-less, Never Dark, Philips X-Line Videowall Range in North America

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips digital signage, LED, and pro TV products, software, and innovations, is excited to announce the availability of the Philips X-Line UHD videowall range in North America.

Announced at InfoComm 21 in Orlando, FL, (booth 3421), the 49” and 55” Philips X-Line videowall range has been designed for 24/7 use and provides optimum performance in almost any indoor environment, automatically adjusting to changing lighting conditions, whether in natural indoor lighting or the full strength of natural sunlight.ppds digital signage

Optimal performance / effortless installation

With Direct LED Backlight technology and running on the latest software, Philips X-Line’s high-resolution setup and Pure Colour Pro technology for superior depths of black and high-brightness color levels, ensures even the most detailed or complex content can be viewed with the crispest clarity, while its innovative Smart Insert technology and dedicated handles make installation and maintenance effortless. With PPDS’ FailOver technology, displays will always remain active, switching automatically between primary and secondary inputs, ensuring that content keeps playing even if the primary source goes down.

Bruce Wyrwitzke, Director of Digital Signage at PPDS, said: “There are a vast number of different videowall options available in North America today, so it was important for PPDS to offer a solution that didn’t simply follow what’s already there. Our teams have dug deep into researching and understanding the historic pains and frustrations experienced in specific environments, where portraying the right image and displaying content clearly is vital. The Philips X-Line range addresses those issues and provides the tools to help companies present themselves in the very best light and ensure they always stand out, whether that’s in a retail store, a corporate office, or somewhere else.”

Uncompromised experience

X-Line videowalls offer a seamless visual performance, with a 3.5mm bezel providing a near seamless connectivity between panels, and the FHD (1920x1080p) resolution, offering native UHD on a 2×2 videowall, to command attention, with dazzling clarity and 500cd/m2 brightness.

Natural light is a natural enemy to most displays, but not for Philips X-Line.

These videowall panels feature optional ‘light sensors’, which, when combined with PPDS’ exclusive Pure Colour Pro technology, deliver higher luminance through custom color temperature settings. The displays will automatically adjust to maintain high image quality, precise white balance and accurate color consistency for an uncompromised experience.

The displays can also come equipped with optional ‘Human Motion’ sensors, which turns display power up and down, depending on room activity – perfect for companies seeking to reduce running costs and conserve energy.

“Natural light is a common enemy of any display,” added Wyrwitzke. “Yes, you can adjust the settings throughout the day as the sun goes up and down, or when it’s particularly cloudy and gloomy but at PPDS we’d rather you just concentrate on what you do best and let our displays take care of the conditions, whether it’s natural or indoor light.”

You’re in command

Consistent with other displays in the PPDS product portfolio, the X-Line videowall range comes equipped with vast levels of remote management controls, harnessing widely used standards for corporate environments, including PPDS’ exclusive and most up to date CMND platform.

Designed to put the end-user in control, CMND facilitates a fast, and simple platform for content creation, advanced system connectivity and pro-grade deployment through an easy-to-use interface.

Users are able to perform vital functions, whether on one or multiple displays, including controlling inputs and monitoring display status, resolving problems as and when they arise or performing important updates entirely remotely. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to publish any content.

Philips X-Line customers can also enjoy the processing power of Android, with an optional CRD50 module, which can be easily inserted into one of the OPS slots, containing all the connections needed – including power supply – and removing the need to add an Android module for each display.

Chris Colpaert, General Manager for EMEA, AP, and NA at PPDS, concluded: “These models are the perfect addition to our Philips X-Line range, which now covers the ideal videowall displays for either video content or even presentations – adding extra versatility, for any team meetings. Bringing an additional layer to our displays with dedicated features, Philips X-Line is the latest example of PPDS bringing products to customers designed explicitly to meet vertically aligned requirements. At the right times, at competitive price points and with a wraparound service to meet their needs.”

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