Stock & Roll Media Roll System

Large-format roll system engineered for storing and transporting roll media with 2- and 3-in. cores. Reel-holding system can hold up to six rolls and features an ergonomic design and one-hand blocking system.

Stock & Roll

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Durst P5 TEX iSUB

A 130-in. dye sublimation press featuring integrated inline fusing for direct printing on polyester fabrics in a one-step process. Can also image transfer paper. Prints up to 4,122 sq. ft./hr. and offers CMYK Sublifix dye sublimation ink for vivid color on a variety of substrates.


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Enfocus MultiPress Connect App

Launched with Dataline, modular Switch platform from Enfocus offers automation for prepress and print-production workflow. With the app, it’s possible to optimize Switch with the data from MultiPress. All stored information is automatically linked to a job in Switch.


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LightFair Call for 2022 Conference Speakers Extended

LightFair, the premier annual event in architectural and commercial lighting, is looking for experts in lighting, technology, and design industries to speak at next year’s LightFair, the largest commercial and industrial lighting trade show and conference, happening June 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lightfair has now extended the due date for applicants to submit criteria to on or before Friday, October 1.

“The LightFair conference is known for the valuable networking and education that our expert speakers bring to the stage every year,” said Dan Darby, LightFair show director. “We’re not only calling for speakers, we’re looking for the next round of industry professionals who strive to educate the future of lighting designers and architects through teaching about their passion for lighting design and technology.”

Professionals interested in speaking at LightFair 2022 can choose to present on seven different topics.

  • Design Guidance + Tools covers the latest energy and building code changes, new design metrics, industry review agencies, and design and measurement tools that pave the framework for good lighting design.
  • Evidence-Based Design focuses on methodologies and design trends used to enable project success in lighting.
  • Experiencing Light explores the influence of light on the human experience and nature.
  • Technologies discusses the flow of information, technological advances and market changes that affect the lighting industry.
  • The Art of Lighting shows how to translate inspiration into projects, products or company culture.
  • The Business of Lighting and Professional Practice focuses on charting careers and/or growing a company in the lighting industry.
  • The Next Decade explores the knowledge and vision with a diverse audience keen to participate in exciting innovations that will transform the next decade.

Speaker applicants can also choose to a focus on an area or topic that matches a subject within their field of expertise, aside from the listed topic suggestions.

LightFair conference sessions offer a variety of durations, levels and formats. Speakers can choose to present their topics as one-day courses, two-day courses and three-hour workshops and in shorter sixty-minute, ninety-minute, and three-hour sessions.

The formats for these in-depth topic studies include:

  • Experiential Learning, where participants are engaged through hands-on activity; a traditional Lecture using an engaging presentation;
  • Moderated Discussion, which involves a moderator leading a discussion or debate;
  • Panel Presentation, which utilizes a longer-format presentation by at-most three experts on one topic;
  • Rapid Fire, where three presenters give a short presentation, allowing for questions at the end; and;
  • Tour of a local lighting installation or significant project.

Courses levels are designated as Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced and All Levels (full descriptions are available on the application web site).

LightFair speakers will receive three-day unlimited conference and exhibit hall access, marketing support to promote their session, compensation depending on course format and duration, one complimentary hotel night for out-of-town speakers, prestige and brand value for presenting at LightFair, and more.

Applications must be completed online. Applicants are asked to submit a title, description, learning objectives and biography.

LightFair 2022 is June 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. —Press Release

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SAi Flexi MUTCD Collection

Complete graphic assets for traffic-sign creation and printing. Compatible with SAi Flexi software, includes regulatory signs, warning signs, temporary traffic-control signs, recreational and cultural-area signs, pedestrian, school signs and more.

SA International (SAi)

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Custom Build: A Championship Effort for MLR Final

Signs By Veterans and KEPsake Kreations designed and built a custom desk with interchangeable signage for the MLR Final this past August.

The expert team at Signs By Veterans in North Charleston, South Carolina recently collaborated with KEPsake Kreations of Spring Hill, Tennessee to build and decorate a customized broadcast desk with easy-to-changeout signage that was seen by millions.

The desk was featured on the CBS Sports Network during pre-game and half-time segments of the Major League Rugby (MLR) Final between the L.A. Giltinis (Los Angeles) and Rugby ATL (Atlanta) teams on August 1.

Signs By Veterans Owner Justin Myers focuses on hiring and guiding U.S. Armed Forces veterans at his shop in the art and business-side of sign making, and it was his company’s marketing director, Bradley Yandle, who connected with friends in his network and was able to gain the advantage in securing this project. Yandle is not only a U.S. Marine veteran, but he was also team captain for the Ole Miss University rugby team and played for the Austin Blacks rugby club in Texas.

The custom desk on-site at The Coliseum in Los Angeles.

On Air!

The gray-framed desk used for the MLR Final was made from solid wood. It measured twelve feet long, thirty-six inches tall, and thirty inches deep.

Translucent, non-glare, frosted acrylic face panels with internally backlit white LEDs were positioned on the right and left front sides of the desk. “I think frosted acrylic gave a better broadcast appearance with its cleaner, easier look,” says Myers. “And using non-glare acrylic meant that the studio lighting or the sun wouldn’t affect the image we were trying to portray.”

Raised direct print DIBOND MLR shield emblems.

The black background centerpiece sign was made from 3-mil aluminum composite material  (ACM) and attached to the front center of the desk via stand-offs. It hosted a Velcro®-removable sponsor panel (with the name of the particular company sponsoring that portion of the telecast), brushed aluminum DIBOND® letters, and a raised direct print DIBOND MLR shield emblem.

Myers is a huge fan of DIBOND. “It’s American-made and twice as thick as Chinese ‘knock-off’ products,” he says. “We’re an American-led and Veteran-owned company. American-made products are extremely important to us and what we provide to our clients.”

One of the custom sponsor changeable signs printed onto DIBOND.

Signs By Veterans worked with The Sign Chef to print onto the brushed aluminum. They used Vanguard Digital Printing’s VK300D flatbed to achieve this in a short amount of time and with exceptional adhesion. “I want to thank Dave Pich of Vanguard Digital Printing for coming through for us here,” says Myers.

According to Myers, the main reason his shop used brushed aluminum ACM for this panel is that they are able to achieve a metallic-looking effect when printing directly onto the brushed aluminum. “We leave it as a spotlight print so that we can capture the translucency of the inks against the metallic material,” he says. “It reflects in the sun and creates a beautiful, shimmering sheen.”

Signs By Veterans printed up separate sponsor logos for the pre-game show (sponsored by Guaranteed Rates) and the halftime show (sponsored by Geico). “We made multiple panels so they could easily swap out the images as needed,” says Myers.

The Sign Chef and Signs By Veterans worked on multiple sponsor panels for the desk.
Putting the Desk Together

The finished desk design was actually one of three options drawn up by Nikki Newsome, creative design director at Signs By Veterans, to show CBS and MLR officials. Other desk conceptualizations included one featuring mixed wood with metal frames and another with a light wood accent and a clear Lexan® backer.

“Drawing up the concepts for the MLR Final broadcast desk not only pushed my boundaries as a designer but reaffirmed my belief that every new project you encounter is a chance to grow your mind and skillset,” says Newsome.

Once CBS and MLR officials made their design selection, Myers reached out to Andrew Polinski, owner of KEPsake Kreations, a retail shop that works with metals and wood, to engineer the desk. (Note: Myers and Polinski previously met up through mutual connections involving projects needing both wood and acrylic.)

The desk was made out of solid wood.

Myers and Polinski spent a lot of time together during the drawing stage using Adobe software and narrowing down what they were going to do and what materials they were going to need. Myers and Signs By Veterans would handle all the signage and decorative portions, and KEPsake Kreations would build the desk.

The centerpiece sign was attached via stand-offs, while white backlit LEDs were placed behind the acrylic face panels.

Both men acknowledge that this project wasn’t really about production challenges but instead being perfect in their trade—in other words, first figuring out how to make the desk look its best and proceeding from there. This meant making certain the measurements were correct and everything was symmetrical all the way around.

“So where we were planning on using 1x4s for the top portion,” says Polinski, “we instead had to use 1x6s so we could have a two-inch cover and give us a four-inch gap in between.”

The customized desk on-site during the MLR Final with on-air talent.

There were some physical challenges. Polinski’s shop typically builds six-foot desks. “However, due to COVID-19, [the client] needed this desk to be twelve feet,” he says, “and our wood-making shop is only ten feet in length! So two feet of the desk were hanging out while we were trying to work around it.”

Polinski was excited to work on this project because it really pushed his shop outside their comfort zone. “Typically the customer will tell us that they want a brown color for their desk, and we’ll show them the brown that we can do for them,” he says. “In this case, the client already had the certain grade of colors that they wanted for it, and it was up to us to keep this color match all the way around—which we were able to do.”

CustomThe Clock Was Ticking!

It was imperative that the finished custom desk be delivered to the site of MLR Final by July 30 in time for the August 1 game.

Even though Signs By Veterans had two full weeks to put this entire project together, because the playoffs were still ongoing at the time, Myers and his team weren’t quite sure where the Final was going to be held—in this case, either Atlanta or Los Angeles.

“Since the [number-one seed] L.A. Giltinis won at the last second against Utah, that pretty much sealed the deal that they were taking the game to The Coliseum in Los Angeles,” says Myers.

Because of the tight timeline, Myers and Polinski had to work quickly on production so that the desk could be driven from Tennessee to Los Angeles in time.

Yandle, Myers, and Polinski packed the desk and signage into a rented box truck.

The two fabricators actually treated the deadline from the beginning as if the desk was going to end up in Los Angeles. “If it was going to Atlanta, we would have five extra days of production time for it and still drive it down the same day,” says Myers. “But since we worked up our production schedule for Los Angeles, we just dove straight into working on everything.”

Polinski was impressed they were able to complete such a quick turnaround, noting his three-person shop worked extra hours each night. “Typically, in our market, we’re four to six weeks out for completion,” he says. “But we had to finish this desk in four days, so [Myers] could deliver it.”

Signs By Veterans rented a box truck, packaged the removable panels, and loaded up the wood desk at the KEPsake Kreations shop.

Myers and Yandle move the desk into place.

Myers and Yandle made the cross-country trip together. “We met up with another Marine I know in Pasadena and borrowed tools from him so we could put everything together in The Coliseum’s parking lot,” says Myers, noting that the translucent face panels slid straight into wooden tracks Polinski had built into the desk.

When Myers and Yandle arrived at The Coliseum, the stage set had already been put together and all the wiring work finished. “We just wheeled in the desk from the parking lot and then lifted and placed it into its intended spot for any final touches,” says Myers.

The custom desk was seen by millions on the CBS Sports Network telecast.

Signs By Veterans ended up delivering an immaculate custom desk for the MLR Final—on time and on budget. “My biggest concern wasn’t completing the project, because anything can be done in a day,” says Myers. “It was more about the logistics of getting it from Tennessee to Los Angeles in time for the match and not costing $10,000.”

Newsome says working on this project was an amazing opportunity. “It is always a delight, as a designer, to see an idea on the computer screen transform into a beautiful and tangible product,” she says.

Myers with MLR Commissioner George Killebrew.

Impressed with the results, MLR is excited to continue working with Signs By Veterans in the future. “MLR Commissioner George Killebrew approached me personally and thanked us for putting together an amazing broadcast desk,” says Myers.

The custom desk is not a one-off and is actually going to be re-used for Next Level Rugby broadcasts on Fox Sports channels. Because of this, Yandle packed it back into the box truck at The Coliseum and drove it down to the network’s broadcast studio in Austin, Texas. “A couple of his veteran buddies helped him unload it and put it up in the studio,” says Myers.

After the game, the desk was put back on the truck and driven down to the Next Level Rugby Fox Sports set in Austin, Texas

Myers says it was an unbelievable honor for his company to be selected to work on this desk for MLR and CBS Sports. “They were highly responsive and super-communicative and made the process extremely easy, despite the circumstances of the rushed timeline and all the logistics that had to take place to make this happen,” he says. “I was also honored to be a part of the rugby community and their great mindset warriors.”

Polinski adds, “We want to thank Signs by Veterans for allowing us to be a part of the project and trusting us to be able to knock out this desk build in such a short time frame.”

—Jeff Wooten

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City Mayor “Mortified” by New Store Sign in Historical District

The new Silly Solly’s Discount Store announced its arrival in the heritage precinct of Goulburg, Australia with garish, red and yellow signage, drawing a cold reception from city officials who are now deciding on what actions to take, the Goulburn Post reports.

Upon the sign’s reveal, the community “inundated” the city council with inquiries about the sign’s permissibility, the article says. That prompted Mayor Bob Kirk to take a drive past the sign to see what all the hubbub was about.

“I was mortified,” he told the Post. “That is not what we expect because we … have constraints regarding signage. Clearly [Silly Solly’s] ignored them. Surely anyone would have thought a heritage streetscape like ours would have controls on it.”

The council’s environmental director, Scott Martin, confirmed that the sign did not have proper approval. As such, the council wrote a “show cause” letter to the business asking why Silly Solly’s installed the sign without consent, also outlining the minimum penalties.

“We are hoping to get a response from the (business) owner,” he told the paper. “We’ll wait to understand his position before we decide a course of action.”

Read more at the Goulburn Post.

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Drytac Appoints Don Valenzuela as West Coast Territory Sales Manager

Drytac (Richmond, VA) has named Don Valenzuela as its West Coast regional sales manager.

Covering Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, he is responsible for building and supporting the Drytac dealer network.

Valenzuela resides outside of Sacramento, CA and has collected more than 20 years of sales experience in the wide-format print industry, including specialty equipment and materials.

For more information, visit

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New Wall Graphic is a Slam Dunk

mactac wall graphic

With 285,000 square feet of space that includes twelve basketball courts, twenty-four volleyball courts, a 200-meter hydraulically banked track, seating for 5,000 spectators, and more, the state-of-the-art Virginia Beach Sports Center is Virginia Beach’s largest indoor sports complex. A newer facility, the building itself is impressive, but when the venue’s management team wanted to make an even bigger splash, Richmond-based design and print agency, BIZPORT, was thrilled to be in on the action.

Backed by 30 years of expertise, BIZPORT prints and installs a variety of large format graphics solutions. For this project, BIZPORT was asked to help create a huge statement-making graphic and apply it to a 26-foot by 75-foot interior wall at the Sports Center’s main entrance.

With a project of this magnitude, BIZPORT knew Mactac’s IMAGin® ROODLE™ was the way to go to ensure superior material stability and performance. After testing the material on the wall surface, the BIZPORT team printed the stunning ROODLE graphics edge-to-edge using one of the company’s award-winning Canon printers – the Canon Colorado 1650. The wave logo in the center of the graphic was plotter cut into a twelve-foot decal. Two installers put the graphics up, overlapping each panel by two inches, in just 3.5 days.

Thompson adds that even up close it’s even difficult to see where the panel overlaps are located. He says Virginia Beach Sports Center was so impressed with the final project that the BIZPORT team is also reviewing other wide-format graphics opportunities in the mactac Virginia Beach Sports Centerbuilding and for other businesses.

ROODLE (RO628) is a 6.0-mil matte white, semi-rigid, easy-to-handle multi-print media designed for wide-format solvent, UV, and latex printing, as well as screen and offset printing. It features a 90# SuperFlat™ polyester-coated Kraft liner and a removable adhesive that is perfect for smooth or tiled indoor wall murals or posters, indoor and outdoor signage, bumper stickers, and other removable graphics meant to be printed flush to the edge. It is phthalate-free and meets REACH and RoHS compliance.

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