LED Neon Channel Letter Signs

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led neon channel letter signs

Aluminum signs are built for durability and can withstand all sorts of weather elements like heat, rain and snow without showing wear and tear. Plus, they’re adaptable enough to be customized with any letter style or logo!

Options such as color-changing LEDs, perforated returns, neon highlights and day/night vinyl make you stand out from the crowd, which makes them popular choices among many commercial buildings and shopping centers.

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Make your storefront stand out with an impressive back-lit channel letter sign from Rodeo Drive style! Illuminated by LED bulbs hidden behind its shape, these signs produce a striking “halo” effect which attracts customers while setting you apart from competitors. Our team of experts can design, fabricate, secure local permits for installation of and install custom channel letter building signs with custom “halo” effects for maximum impact.

This style of sign typically features aluminum faces and returns that can be painted any color you’d like, while diffusing light evenly to provide even illumination. They’re often attached to a backing panel which houses power supplies and wiring – creating an elegant finish.

Aluminum is an ideal material for creating outdoor signs as it’s heat-resistant and looks sleek; making it an excellent choice in harsh sunlight or freezing temperatures. Acrylic signs can provide more modern aesthetics while effectively diffusing light.

Neon is often used for signs, but maintaining and repairing it can be more expensive than LED. Neon requires larger transformers to produce illumination at an equivalent level and is more prone to damage than LED tubes. Furthermore, LEDs are more energy-efficient and last much longer compared to neon tubes – saving money over time with electricity costs and maintenance expenses – something you will certainly notice on your energy bill!

Front-Lit Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letter signs offer high levels of customization. Their face is usually acrylic, offering an assortment of color choices; their trim cap is constructed out of aluminum and attached directly to the sign’s facing; finally, its back panel may either remain exposed or can be covered with clear polycarbonate to keep birds and other creatures away from nesting inside it.

Lighting elements for signs may include neon tubes or LED modules. Neon is more traditional, offering a warmer glow, while LED can save money in maintenance costs over time. A combination-lit sign can utilize one color for its face lighting while using another for its halo backlighting, making your signage easier to see at night.

Although front-lit channel letters are the most prevalent type, other options exist depending on your business needs. One unique option is flush mount signs which allow the sign to be mounted directly on a wall or building facade without additional boxes or panels; though typically more costly, this method may give your company’s image an uncluttered and professional appearance.

Top Class Signs and Printing can help your brand stand out from its competition with eye-catching signage that stands out. We can assist in selecting an illuminated channel letter type that best meets your needs, creating custom designs for each channel letter letter to make your brand pop out from among its competition. We work with retail stores, restaurants and taverns, healthcare companies and more in providing quality signage solutions that help grow businesses.

Individual Letter Installation

Individual letter channel signs offer a modern, sleek appearance that stands out among competitors. Mounted onto wall studs or raceways on your building facade, they make for a memorable first impression and should definitely help your company be noticed by potential clients.

These signs feature a classic neon look to attract customers and should be placed near areas with high foot traffic to draw their full effect. Their vibrant displays of energy will attract customers’ attention to your business.

An increasingly popular variation on channel letters are open-faced channel letters, which don’t feature acrylic casing like other signs do. Instead, open-face channel letters use neon lighting tubes and may have clear faces to protect the neon bulbs and keep birds or other wildlife out of nesting inside it.

LED channel letters are more energy efficient than neon signs and consume less electricity to operate, saving money on monthly utility bills while prolonging bulb lifespan. Furthermore, their illumination is more focused than neon tubes so fewer of them will be necessary to achieve similar effects.

At distances over 400 feet, signs with this format tend to be easier for customers to read than signs with different font sizes and spacing between letters; however, font size and space between letters can still have an effect on visibility; generally you should select bolder fonts and leave some space between letters so customers can read your name more easily.

Importantly, you should keep in mind that adding your logo to a channel letter sign may increase brand recognition among your customers and help build customer recall of your business. While this can be more costly, doing so could increase customer recall of your brand and add customer recognition of its existence.

Raceway Method

Front-lit channel letter signs using LED modules to illuminate letters are an energy efficient alternative to traditional neon signage and may help lower energy bills significantly. Plus, LED bulbs outlive neon bulbs significantly longer!

Such signs are an ideal solution for businesses requiring a noticeable nighttime signage presence, such as bars and restaurants. Their customizable shapes can match any letterstyle or logo and they’re highly visible at night; just ensure that size considerations match where passersby are passing by; the general rule states that for every one-inch of sign height you gain 10 feet of readability.

Front-lit designs can come with either an open or closed face, and some businesses prefer using both. For instance, companies might use open-face channels with transparent backs for creating the halo effect while having solid or closed fronts to direct illumination directly. Conversely, other businesses opt for transparent faces so as to highlight logos and letters on display.

As well as selecting the type and color of sign you prefer, font size, font style and size, as well as customizing its font and size and font color, font style and size; LED channel letter signs can also be customized by adding vinyl overlays, backers, perforated returns, new letters colors, trim caps and more – helping your business stand out from competitors and create its own distinct identity.

There are two primary methods of mounting channel letter signs; raceway mounting and direct/flush mounting. Raceway mounting involves attaching your sign to a narrow box which also serves as its power supply and wiring hub; this method requires less drilling, leaving less holes when taking down. In order to enhance its visibility and make the sign more noticeable, raceway boxes are typically painted in complementary hues to the building they reside on – this helps make sure its presence can be noticed easily by viewers passing by.

Flush Mount

Channel letter signs feature inlaid lighting to highlight your brand name and logo at all hours of day or night, drawing public attention to your business at any time of the day or night and driving traffic and sales. They’re also environmentally-friendly using aluminum frames with LED bulbs that use between 20-60 percent less energy than neon.

Signs come in various colors and sizes to reflect your business’s branding, from standard black and white signs to ones featuring vibrant hues such as neon or fluorescent lighting. Signs may also be made back-lit or front-lit allowing you to select different hues for each face of the sign. Backlit channels utilize 0.090″ aluminum composite panel backing, 3/16″ acrylic or polycarbonate faces and 0.15″ trim caps for backlighting purposes.

Front-lit channels feature a translucent vinyl face designed to be visible from all angles, providing your message is easily legible from multiple perspectives. A transparent backing adds depth and dimension while still letting light through.

Both types of channels can be produced with flush mount letters that adhere directly to your building facade for an eye-catching and costlier option that stands out.

Direct mount sign installation involves drilling holes through your facade in order to install each sign, which requires much hard work but is the best way to promote your business in NYC. Once complete, these drilled holes allow wires that power your sign and supply electricity for lighting to connect; LED bulbs typically last long-term thus saving on power costs while saving maintenance expenses as a bonus!

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