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channel letter signs near me

Channel letter signs can be found everywhere – from shopping centers and grocery stores to office buildings and hospitals. Channel letter signs are one of the best ways for businesses to stand out at nighttime and they’re one of the easiest ways for customers to notice them.

These illuminated sign letters come in various fonts, sizes, and colors to meet your branding needs. You can mount them either directly onto the wall or use an optional raceway mount.


illumination channel letters require minimal upkeep compared to most signs, typically lasting five years or more depending on their location and LED lights within them. To keep them looking their best use gentle cleaning supplies rather than household cleaners as these could potentially damage the acrylic face of the sign and also ensure its surroundings remain clear of debris.

Channel letter signs come with various lighting options, from halo lit and backlit LED lights strung through each letter to timed switches that turn them on at dusk or earlier. A raceway mounting option also helps cover wiring while minimizing holes drilled into buildings.

Front-lit channel letters are the most widely used style. Composed of aluminum side returns and back panels encasing an acrylic face which may be transparent or white in color, they can even feature custom logos to improve brand recognition and recall.

Other types of channel letter signs include halo-lit, back-lit and full-face neon. Each type has their own benefits as well as unique construction techniques that influence cost. Furthermore, size plays an integral part in this equation as larger signs require more raw materials for construction as well as additional power supplies and lights to illuminate them effectively.

Channel letter signs can be an effective way of advertising your business if it’s located near a bustling shopping district or business center, with their illuminated signs providing increased brand exposure and leading to higher customer retention rates. Plus, these versatile signs can be mounted anywhere indoors or outdoors – whether mounted to walls or the ceiling! Regardless if yours is small local operation or large national brand – channel letter signs have something suitable for each of their needs – be it indoor or outdoor usage; from walls or ceiling. Regardless of scale a channel letter sign can suit any need; just ensure design/fabrication process with trusted professionals to ensure long term sign durability!


Channel letter signs are one of the most cost-effective signage options for small and large businesses alike, providing your name and brand an edge against competitors. Being highly visible day or night makes channel letter signs an effective way to build brand recognition while expanding customer bases.

Customize your lighted sign to suit your business by choosing whether to make it front-lit, back-lit or both. Front-lit channel letters contain the lighting apparatus within them while back-lit channels are lit from behind for an attractive glowing effect. In both instances, clear acrylic face panels allow light to bounce off beneath and illuminate letters from below, producing stunning looks sure to attract customers.

Customization options for your business include the color, font and size of the letters. You can opt to have your company name written out or for open-face channels that look more stylish and professional. Signs come in various sizes; lettering can even be fabricated to match the shape of your logo!

Your new lighted sign can be mounted to your building or pylon for maximum effect, or integrated into existing architecture to create an even more seamless design. Horizon Sign Company can assist in finding you a halo-lit or back-lit channel letter sign near me to complement your branding and stand out from competitors.

An eye-catching and high-quality illuminated sign can be an excellent investment in your business. Studies show that customers associate the quality of signage with the quality of products or services you offer; an attractive sign will show potential customers that you take your company seriously and build their confidence to trust in you with their money.

No matter the size or scope of your business, from local coffee shops and cafes to new restaurants with ambitious plans or even national chain stores, a bright and eye-catching sign will distinguish your establishment. Not only will it increase visibility but it can also help build brand recognition – helping people remember both your brand and location more easily.

LED Backlighting

Business of all sizes have many options when upgrading their signage with channel letters, from 3D signs that are highly visible to highly customizable options for font, color, sizing and backlighting. Channel letters also offer superior readability compared to other forms of business signage as their lights and thickness allow it to be seen even during daylight or rain, serving as beacons to attract customers while keeping current ones coming back for more.

Front-lit illuminated channel letters provide a striking and professional image for any business, being constructed of aluminum sides and backs with acrylic faces, illuminated from within with LED modules or neon tubing for illumination. Commonly found in retail settings, shopping centers and other high traffic locations.

Open-face channel letter signs are an innovative form of front-lit signage with clear acrylic faces and back lighting to produce an illuminated “halo”. They create an eye-catching sign with their “halo”, making the sign even more sophisticated and special – perfect for corporations or other professional businesses to add modernity and distinction to their branding or image.

Reverse-lit channel letter signs offer another form of illuminated channel letter signage. They feature opaque faces backed lit by translucent back panels for a more modern and contemporary appearance that works particularly well against more neutral buildings. This style of sign is typically utilized by businesses seeking to project an image of luxury such as law firms or banks.

Channel letter signs can be installed using various mounting techniques, including direct, backer panel and raceway mounts. Each mounting method affects the installation process and cost, with direct mounting having the greatest effect; raceway installation being one of the more straightforward approaches that requires less drilling on buildings and requires fewer resources for completion of this job.

Raceway Mounts

If you want your business to stand out in Carrollton and surrounding areas, illuminated channel letter signs may be just what’s needed to make an impressionful first impression. They are cost-efficient yet highly visible signs that make storefronts look more inviting 24 hours a day regardless of weather or time of day – perfect for keeping customers coming through your doors!

There are various methods by which these signs can be mounted, so you’ll want to consult a professional about which will work best in your situation. For example, when mounting signs on walls or building facades you will need to decide between back-lit or front-lit signs; back-lit ones tend to cost more but create an eye-catching appearance on their facades.

Another alternative for signage installation is using a raceway. This narrow box contains both wiring for your signs as well as their mounting posts; its color can usually match that of the building where they will be placed. This approach may be cheaper than installing individual letters and requires less drilling into its facade.

Other mounting methods include direct mount, in which letters are attached directly to the surface of your building without any sort of backing or cabinet; this method may be cheaper, yet less durable. A backer mount offers similar benefits; its letters are mounted onto an oversized backer sign housed behind your facade for an aesthetically pleasing sign installation solution.

Front-lit and combination lit signage should also be considered. A front-lit sign will feature aluminum sides and clear acrylic front that is illuminated from within, while combination lit signs feature both front-lit and back-lit signage that stands out visually and appears quite luxurious. You may also consider reverse lit signs which feature similar characteristics but with acrylic facing away from mounting surfaces creating a “halo” effect around each letter of text.

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