How a LED Channel Sign Can Make a Big Impact Day and Night

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Led channel signs are one of the best ways to stand out and make an impactful statement day and night. Top companies, shopping centers, taverns and more use them to distinguish their businesses and attract attention.

These signs are typically front-lit (also referred to as face lit), for maximum visibility. But they may also be back- or reverse-lit for even greater effect.


Front lit channel letter signs feature illumination from each letter in front, making them one of the most sought-after business signage solutions and helping ensure your brand name can be seen at night. They’re often installed raceway style or flush mounted for optimal use in malls and outdoor plazas.

LED lighting is often employed to illuminate these signs, with extremely bright bulbs that are easily seen from a distance. Furthermore, these signs are durable enough to withstand weather elements – making front-lit channel letters an excellent way for businesses looking to increase brand visibility and gain market mindshare.

Front-lit signs offer businesses another great option to increase their visibility during the daytime hours. These customizable signs can include logos, graphics and text of any kind imaginable; typically their faces consist of acrylic that can be colored or translucent while their sides and back typically consist of aluminum panels or polycarbonate sheets.

Trimless signs offer another front-lit sign option with sleeker aesthetic than their raceway-mounted counterparts, featuring acrylic faces and stainless steel returns – creating any font and color combination you desire! Furthermore, these signs can even be mounted outside your storefront for increased street presence.

Reverse-lit channel letter signs are an eye-catching choice that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, offering both companies advertising their services or products an eye-catching sign that stands out. They feature clear acrylic faces set approximately 1.5 inches apart from aluminum returns, illuminated from behind with LEDs which shine through a clear acrylic face to produce a halo effect around each letter and produce an eye-catching sign that stands out.

LED lighting is increasingly being utilized to illuminate signs, as it’s more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Plus, these long-lasting bulbs require little upkeep or maintenance costs!


As opposed to more commonly found front-lit signs, halo-lit signs utilize rear facing LEDs which illuminate a soft halo on any mounting surface of your choice. You can customize its color according to today’s LED controller capabilities – providing elegant elegance while drawing people in from greater distances. This striking effect promotes elegance and sophistication as well as draws attention over long distances.

Like front-lit channel letters, halo-lit signs provide clients with the flexibility of customizing a layout that supports their branding efforts – but they’re even more effective at accomplishing their primary goal: drawing customers in.

Halo-lit signs can be created using different materials, including metals and plastics – or combinations thereof – including routing, sawing or laser cutting to form letter shapes and sign components before they’re assembled together using special tapes to form completed signs and letters.

Before choosing a halo-lit sign, it’s wise to consult an experienced signage design expert. They will be able to advise if this option fits well with your customer’s location and branding goals; and help select suitable LED colors that complement both your sign design and building’s surroundings.

Halo-lit signs provide many aesthetic options, yet present sign shops with certain challenges to be met. For instance, they require special standoffs to avoid glare and produce the desired “halo” effect, and may cost more due to material usage; however, thanks to new energy efficient LEDs and innovative light dispersal technologies these costs have significantly been reduced; which explains their increasing popularity among sign shops today.

Open Face

Channel letter signs are among the most eye-catching forms of storefront signage, used by national and local businesses alike to build brand recognition with customers. Unlike banners or posters which merely lie flat against walls, channel letters stand out by being three dimensional with LED illumination that stands out even during low light conditions – making them easily readable from distance and perfect for promoting businesses day or night.

Channel letters typically feature translucent faces to allow light to shine through them when illuminated, while their returns (also called returns ) may be composed of aluminium or acrylic depending on where they will be mounted – often painted to blend in seamlessly and look more natural than their acrylic counterparts.

Notable about these types of signs is their flexibility – you can create custom look for your brand with various shapes or fonts available to you. While neon or LED lighting are typically utilized, classic-looking signs could feature nothing inside for an eye-catching appearance.

Front lit letters are among the most beloved types of channel letters for good reason; their bright lights can easily attract potential customers from great distances. Front lit letters come in any color you can think of and are especially popular among retail stores, banks, and businesses who wish to increase brand visibility.

Halo effect signs offer an alternative to front-lit channel letters, featuring acrylic faces with transparent backings that reflect light onto walls behind for an eye-catching halo effect. They’re perfect for businesses wanting to stand out at night such as restaurants or bars.

Open face channel letters resemble halo-lit signs in that they feature clear acrylic faces to provide passersby a glimpse of what is inside. They can be made with neon or LED lighting sources for maximum classic charm – an ideal solution for businesses that prioritize classic signage design.

Custom Design

Signs are an integral component of making your business visible to its target customers, helping your brand stand out and be easily identifiable. By matching brand colors with lighting and design options, we can craft channel letter signs that are sure to catch people’s eyes whenever they pass by – providing your business with more foot traffic while leaving an enduring impactful statement every day.

Front-Lit Channel Letters feature aluminum side returns and an acrylic face, illuminated by LED lights mounted behind them and shining through to illuminate its face, reflecting onto the wall behind and creating a “halo” effect. They’re popularly used with different fonts, sizes, and colors for an eye-catching sign display that showcases your company.

Halo-Lit Channel Letters utilize the same construction as Front-Lit letters but feature an added halo around their marquee letters for an upscale appearance and feel. These can often be found in professional businesses such as law offices, dentists, doctors, CPA’s and high end retail stores.

Hybrid Channel Letters combine all three styles discussed above. They may combine front and halo lettering or push through sign lettering for endless combinations that only your imagination can limit!

When selecting a channel letter sign, design is of primary importance as it will become the face of your business and attract more customers. We can collaborate with you to develop an affordable custom sign design that will enhance the appearance and presence of your brand and business.

Channel letters can be mounted using various methods, from using a raceway and directly attaching each individual letter to the building to using magnets for direct mounting on to meet local building codes. Many businesses prefer this latter option because it allows them to customize mounting locations according to company needs while meeting building code regulations.

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