Why LED Sign Installers Are Better Than DIY-ers

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An LED sign can draw in new business, but DIYing your signage may cost more in the end than hiring professional service providers.

Powder-coated aluminum perforated filler panels add the finishing touches to Signal-Tech cabinet signs that require pole or special mounting considerations, including single cabinet signs such as their DOT and SA Series counterparts. This feature can be found on all single cabinet signs except those from those series.


Many businesses rely on signage to communicate the hours of operation, services they offer and other important details to their target customers. Signs also serve to catch passersby’s attention; therefore it is vital that your sign offers vibrant brightness and constant visibility around-the-clock. Dim or broken signs send a negative message about your business that could hurt its reputation, so working with LED sign makers may provide your business with consistent illumination that ensures future success.

LED signage is more energy efficient than neon or fluorescent signs, using less resources for operation and saving you money on energy costs while being better for both the environment and budget. Plus, these lights require far less maintenance than their traditional sign system counterparts so no worries about replacing bulbs or fixing broken tubes!

LED technology’s directional lighting enables greater visibility from a distance. Customers walking or driving past can read it and catch their attention quickly; no long wait needed for full brightness! This makes a vast improvement over fluorescent signs which take minutes or hours before reaching full intensity, and neon signs which often flicker.

LED lighting offers another advantage by not emitting as much heat than other sign lights, making them safer for passers-by while helping protect nearby materials like furniture or artwork from UV radiation. Furthermore, its lower greenhouse emission levels and energy usage make it an eco-friendly option that reduces greenhouse emissions and energy usage.

Be it upgrading existing sign cabinets with LED bulbs or creating a brand-new sign, working with experienced LED sign manufacturers can reap many advantages when it comes to operating costs and maintenance expenses. Their expertise can make all the difference when it comes to creating an effective marketing solution for your business; they will assist in choosing an appropriate type of sign according to your business needs, designing customized templates, and helping navigate municipal restrictions.


For optimal returns on your sign budget and return on investment, it is wise to work with experienced LED sign makers. Experienced makers know how to craft signs that stand out and attract customers while keeping costs at a minimum. Furthermore, their industry experience ensures your signage meets local laws in terms of size, brightness, location, etc. By hiring professional sign makers rather than DIY solutions you save both time and money by having it completed quickly and correctly the first time around.

LEDs offer higher efficiency and longer lifespans when compared with traditional lights, without filament bulbs or glass tubes that can break and require replacement, which reduces maintenance costs for storefront signs. Furthermore, their emission of less toxic chemicals has a decreased environmental footprint.

An LED sign maker can also help you design an electronic message center (EMC) sign to meet your unique branding needs. EMCs offer instantaneous brand exposure and 24-hour presence for your brand while giving customers flexibility of changing messages at any time to stay engaged and informed. Furthermore, EMCs help meet marketing goals by garnering more impressions and leads than traditional forms such as newspaper ads or television commercials.

One of the cost-effective ways to advertise your business is with a lighted cabinet sign, featuring an acrylic base with lettering illuminated from within by fluorescent bulbs. These signs come both single- and double-sided formats and can be mounted either to the side of a building or monument-style base for easy display of pricing, directions, announcements or any other type of message.

LED cabinet signs offer more versatility than their neon counterparts, providing animations, color changes, flashing functions and scrolling text to customers simultaneously. Furthermore, these energy-efficient signs produce less heat than traditional bulbs while lasting up to ten times longer and requiring significantly less maintenance over time.


Your business relies on signage to show customers when you are open, what products or services you have for sale, and more. Furthermore, signage serves to showcase your brand – it must always look its best! Investing in professional sign services can help maintain this appearance – from cleaning and repairing signs through full replacement services.

LEDs make an excellent choice for illuminated signs as they consume far less power than neon and fluorescent lighting sources, and have longer lifespans than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, there are no hazardous materials used during production; plus they’re certified to operate even in freezing temperatures!

LED signs offer another great benefit – their versatility. Their programming capability enables businesses to easily display various hues for building wraps or social media promotions; making LEDs ideal. LED signs can also be programmed at specific intervals to provide constant updates from a company that uses social media as part of its strategy.

LED signs offer longer lifespan and energy cost savings compared to neon or fluorescent signs, and come in various styles and sizes that allow for maximum control via dimmers and switches.

As business owners know, lighted signs are one of the most effective forms of advertising available to them. A well-lit sign will catch customers’ eyes while creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your store, as well as provide crucial details regarding social distancing requirements, mask mandates and sanitized stations.

To maximize the potential of an LED sign, it’s advisable to work with an experienced sign installer. They will ensure proper installation with sufficient ventilation so it lasts long term; additionally, this ensures compliance with any local regulations regarding safety or privacy.

LED retrofitting is a straightforward process that can transform existing signage in just a few steps. A sign company will remove and replace the current face of your sign with one made for LED technology; additionally, they’ll clean inside to ensure lighting remains bright and visible from all directions – leaving your sign looking brand new and more vibrant than ever! Once installation is completed, your sign will shine more vibrant than ever!


As much as it’s tempting, in today’s DIY culture it can be tempting to try to install and maintain signs on your own. After all, there are numerous tutorials online showing you how. However, professional LED sign makers offer various services including design, fabrication, installation and maintenance which could save both time and money compared to DIY efforts. They can help guide you in selecting the appropriate sign type to meet your needs.

LED signs use less energy than other lighting methods, lowering your power bill. Furthermore, they do not emit dangerous gases and do not pose the risk of leakage over time. Furthermore, their maintenance requirements are far lower than neon or fluorescent signs which require constant replacement when bulbs burn out.

LED signs offer more information at once than neon or fluorescent signs, enabling you to create more engaging and dynamic signage experiences that catch passersby’s eyes. Furthermore, their bright illumination means they can be seen from further away than neon signs.

If your cabinet sign already features fluorescent bulbs, consider upgrading to LEDs instead. LED lights have instantaneous switching on time compared to neon which needs time to warm up, plus more colors than neon and a longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

One great way to increase visibility for your business is with a shiny pylon sign. This will attract new customers while strengthening brand recognition; according to research, consumers tend to notice businesses with shiny signage more readily.

Once again, regular sign cleaning should not be overlooked. Dirt can wreak havoc with any sign’s visual appeal by dimming its illumination or blocking water drainage holes, leading to electrical outages. An experienced electric sign cleaner is trained in safely and rapidly clearing away dirt from electric signs for maximum longevity; they may also repair any parts that require attention such as replacing broken bulbs or thoroughly cleaning their interior surface.

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