Lighted Signage Letters

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lighted signage letters

Lighted signage letters can help bring attention to your business. Custom-tailor them according to your specific business requirements for maximum impact!

Products made of plastic come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors – perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations. Durability also plays a factor.

LED Lights

LED lights offer businesses an economical lighting option that saves both energy and costs – up to 90% less energy is consumed when compared with traditional light bulbs and 60% of what a traditional fluorescent bulb consumes!

Signage lights are also an ideal way for business owners to make an impressionful first impression with their signage, drawing in customers by their striking appearance and drawing them inside their business.

LED lighting offers several key advantages over traditional light sources, including being much easier to operate. They can switch on and off instantly without going through a warm-up period like other devices do; this feature makes LEDs particularly valuable to businesses that rely on instant sign illumination during power outages or for other reasons.

LED lights offer greater energy-efficiency than other forms of lighting while simultaneously offering more control over their facilities’ lighting through a wider spectrum of colors produced. Businesses have greater control over the hues used within their facilities thanks to LED’s ability to produce different hues that allow businesses to tailor the illumination of each facility accordingly.

LED lights have become a go-to solution for businesses of all kinds due to their flexible capabilities and versatility, from offices and shopping malls to large office complexes and more.

Eddy current pumps can also be extremely beneficial in areas prone to flooding, as their low voltage output makes them safer for humans to use – something especially true when used to display signs with moving parts or sensors that need constant power supply.

LED lights come in various shapes and designs to meet a wide variety of applications. Common applications for them are pylon signs, halo-lit signs, face-and-backlit signs or anything that needs a unique appearance that catches people’s eyes.

Aluminum custom lighted signs are ideal for business plazas that need to display long messages with an attractive glow, and can be manufactured in multiple ways to ensure they properly convey your message.

Variety of Colors

When it comes to lighted signage letters, you have an incredible array of colors from which to select for your business sign. Selecting the ideal hue could make a significant impactful statement about who your business is while improving how customers perceive and react to it.

First and foremost, consider what purpose your sign will serve: is it intended to attract attention, direct people or convey a specific message?

Bright colors draw more attention than neutral tones when designing banners, outdoor signs or indoor signs.

Keep neutral shades in mind as well. White, black, tan and grey can really set your sign apart from others.

Consideration should also be given to which way your sign will face when selecting its colors. If it will face East, South or West, consider using a backplate with contrasting hues so as to reduce shadow effects on its surfaces.

Once you’ve selected your main color, add accents and textures to further distinguish it. If using metal for your sign finish, aluminum strips along the edge of each letter can create an eye-catching visual.

Letter styles also vary widely. Popular choices are face-lit channel letters, where light shines directly through their translucent front surface; and halo lit channel letters which feature an illuminating halo that surrounds their letters at night.

Halo channel letters offer a versatile solution for adding depth and texture to signs, offering front- and backlit designs for optimal flexibility in meeting business requirements.

Dependent upon the material chosen for your backplate, LEDs may illuminate a sign in different ways. Brick may not evenly disperse light while smooth or glossy surfaces reflect it back.

Now it is easy to change the colors of lighted signs without needing to replace LEDs! Simply change it using either a button on the control box or by inserting an additional power source into the circuit – ideal if updating regularly as this method saves both time and money in the long run.

Easy to Maintain

Lighted signage letters are an attractive solution for businesses that wish to increase their visibility and stand out from other signs on display. Not only are these signs easy to maintain, they can last years with proper care.

Keep your sign looking its best by avoiding harsh materials or chemicals when cleaning it – this could damage its paint job and result in dull or grungy letters.

Whenever your sign becomes dirty, use warm water and a soft cloth to give it a thorough cleaning. Do this on an ongoing basis depending on where it’s placed.

Industrial parks and inner-city locations that experience high concentrations of dust or debris require more frequent cleaning due to increased dust concentration in the air, so use gentle cleaning products on plastic or laminate materials when performing your routine cleaning duties. To avoid damaging signs during this process, be sure to use products suitable for their specific material type – for instance, plastic-safe cleaners work better.

Keep your lighted sign looking its best by replacing any damaged or faded metal components, which will ensure the design remains modern and attract more customers.

Aluminum construction of signs is also highly durable and long-term, according to Larry Gliozzi of Loumarc Signs who notes that channel letters made out of this material may last as much as 25 years before needing repairs or replacing altogether.

Aluminum components provide not only strength and durability, but also a classy professional aesthetic when used for signage. A high-quality finish on aluminum may help improve the interior aesthetics of your business as well.

If the aluminum of your sign body breaks or cracks, replacing it should be easy – simply contact a sign company that can assist in this regard.

LEDs used for sign letter lighting are not only brighter and more energy-efficient than other forms of illumination, but they’re also longer-lasting than their alternatives. By using less electricity and being easier to repair, LEDs save money in the long run while remaining safer and cooler to operate than neon or fluorescent alternatives – making them the go-to solution for businesses of any kind.


Lighted signage letters can help your business stand out and attract attention, while being durable, long-term, easy to maintain, eco-friendly options that make an excellent addition to commercial signage.

Signs with illuminated channel lettering can be constructed out of aluminum or acrylic – both materials being specifically suited to withstanding the elements and lasting much longer than fabric-based signs.

Customizable signs allow your brand to express itself more effectively; colors, fonts and illuminations can all be altered to give the sign an individual touch.

LED lights can make an excellent choice for creating illuminated signs, due to their long lifespan and reduced energy costs. LEDs are easy to replace when necessary and won’t fade as fast compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Lights can also be tinted to match your brand colors and letters can even be changed so they stand out in bright lights.

Lit signs offer another advantage to businesses: their ability to promote your services all night long. These lighted signs are ideal for companies open around the clock and can draw customers driving past on dark nights.

LED-lit billboards can also help businesses increase visibility on busy streets. When illuminated with LEDs, they give off a professional vibe, helping attract more clients.

There are various kinds of illuminated sign letters available, including front-lit, back-lit and halo effect lighted letters. All three options feature aluminum returns on both sides and backs for support with acrylic faces that feature LED lighting or neon signs to accentuate lettering.

Plastic signs can also be made more cost-effectively when trying to stretch their marketing budgets, as light-diffusing material allows light to reflect off of each letter of the sign for more aesthetic effects.

A lighted sign’s lifespan depends on its materials and location. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, its UV rays could cause it to fade or crack quickly; similarly, in areas with harsh weather conditions such as snowfall, rainfall, hailstorm or other extreme temperatures it could become damaged over time.

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