Monument Sign Vs Pylon Sign What Is The Distinction.

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Monument Sign Vs Pylon Sign What Is The Distinction. A monument sign is defined as ‘A directional marker that signals the end of one road or intersection and the start of another’, while a pylon sign is typically referred to as an exit signage.

Most states do not make a difference between both types of signs, but some do! Some state laws dictate that only highway departments are allowed to use monuments signs, whereas pylons must be designed and built by professional contractors with solid knowledge in construction.

In fact, there is no federal regulation that clearly defines what kind of markers are legal to use as exits. It really comes down to individual state regulations and policies.

Some states may require you to have adequate warning before turning onto the next street, others may require you to give pedestrians enough time to cross at intersections, and some may even ask if anyone can prove that they were not able to find your business after leaving? All of these things add up to expensive fees and potential lawsuits.

It is very important for drivers to know the differences so they are not accidentally breaking the law when trying to get away from someone else’s vehicle.

Pylon signs are small and visible

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

As with any type of business sign, there is an appropriate time to use a pylon sign and what kind of business it is for matters. For example, if your business is offering automobile services, then having a car dealership logo or model as a pylon sign would be perfect!

Car dealerships use these often called ‘service bays’ to show off their cars so why not do the same for yours? This way you can get some exposure by putting up this pylon sign outside or next to your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you run a restaurant, a service pylon sign wouldn’t work very well because people will assume that you don’t eat products nor merchandise yourself.

Monument signs are placed on the ground

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

Asphalt surfaces are not as durable or long lasting as concrete, so monument signage is usually made of vinyl or plastic. These materials will begin to peel away over time, especially in wet environments such as rain or melted snow.

This does not seem like a big deal until you notice that there are very few monuments with this type of sign!

Most national monuments have either a vinyl or metal plaque attached to an iron frame set into the asphalt surface. This iron frame holds up the plaques weight while also protecting it from weathering effectively.

However, since these do not last longer than two years before they need replacing, the National Park Service (NPS) has come up with another solution – pylon signs.

These look similar to monument signs but are built much heavier and more solidly. They hang slightly off the ground making them less vulnerable to being knocked down by passing cars.

Their heaviness also helps preserve the monument’s integrity by preventing erosion caused by foot traffic.

Pylon signs are placed on poles


Monuments, or “sentry” style signs, are much more common than pylons. A monument sign is designed to get someone’s attention and typically have some sort of call out or slogan that calls for action or warning.

Monument signs usually use bright colors and bold fonts to attract people’s attention. They are typically used in commercial settings as way to draw in customers.

Because they aim to appeal to others, their messages often contain slogans instead of statements. These ads do not always emphasize important points, but rather create an emotional response so people will give the ad business’s product or service a look.

These advertisements can influence potential clients into buying what you sell.

Monument signs are difficult to move

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

When you purchase a monument sign, it comes with some extra parts that make it more functional. These include bolts or screws that fit into pre-existing holes in your car or truck, and plastic covers to protect your vehicle’s surface while it is installed.

The problem is, getting these back out can be tricky! They usually use nuts and bolts as fastening mechanisms, which makes them very hard to remove without special equipment.

This is not ideal since most people do not have access to such tools – especially outside of garages! If you need to get this monument signed away, there are ways to do so without taking too much time or effort.

Pylon signs are easy to move

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

A pylon sign is typically made of two pieces of plastic or metal tubing that connect together at one end and have your company’s name on it at the other. Because they are solid, there aren’t any bolts or screws holding them together so you can easily take out the word “Monument” for example, put in another one, and then push off into the next state!

This is an incredible way to promote your business because you get to pick where you want to be displayed and people will help spread your message for you. Plus, you don’t need to worry about storing this piece either, as it comes with built-in storage.

Monument signs are more expensive

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

Monuments have become increasingly popular as decorations for cars and homes. They typically cost around $100-250 per sign depending on size and design.

Monument signs come in many different shapes and sizes, some even having designs that resemble classic car models or sports teams!

They can be installed onto any surface, including windows, roofs, and walls. Since they’re designed to draw attention, they work very well for creating curiosity about what is beyond the sign’s surface area.

However, there is one major difference between monument and pylon style signage. The former is much more expensive than the latter.

Pylon signs are less expensive

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

Between the two, which one is better depends mostly on your budget. If you are in the middle range or have a very large company that can afford extra signage, go with the more elaborate monument sign.

If you are looking to start investing in professional grade business graphics, however, we recommend going with the pylon sign. Not only will it fit into your budget better, but also most companies do not require a permit to install them!

Both of these types of outdoor marketing displays work similarly, so what matters most is how well you use each one for their intended purpose.

Monument signs are hard to make

monument sign vs pylon sign what is the distinction.

As mentioned before, monument signs are much more difficult to create than pylon signs. This is due to two main reasons. First, they require you to design an interesting shape or pattern that can be built into the surface of the road. Second, they must be designed in such a way that it will stand up for many years under heavy traffic conditions!

With this being said, there are some companies that offer pre-made monument designs that you may choose from. These usually have you choosing between the classic circle or square sign as well as other shapes like a rectangle, hexagon, or octagon.

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