10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

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10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business.

Lighting is an integral part of designing your home or business, and choosing the right lighted signs can be tricky. There are many types of lights, designed to do different things!

With so many ways to design with lighting, there’s no wrong way to use it. But just like with any other tool, some styles work better than others depending on the look you want to achieve.

This article will go over ten tips on how to pick out the perfect lit sign for your home or business. Some cost less than $10, while others may set you back more money, but they all bring about beautiful looks! Read on to learn everything from how to choose your material to how to layer them to get the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Make a list of your favorite brands of lighted signs

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

Now, you have to determine what kind of lighted sign you want to get. You can choose from backlit wall lights, panel lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, and even ceiling mounted fixtures.

You do not need special tools to install most types of lighted signs, but some require basic knowledge in electricity. For example, a toggle switch usually requires joining both wires together with a connector, then switching them out by pushing up on the handle.

There are many great resources available online and at local electronics stores that can help guide you through the process.

Consider the size of the lighted sign

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

The first thing to consider when choosing your final illuminated display is the size of the surface you will be using it on. This could be an entire wall, a shelf, or even just a table top!

You want to make sure that whatever surface you use for the display has enough room to show all of its features while also being able to hold up under heavy traffic. Most LED lights have usable surfaces around two feet wide so if your display does not, then choose smaller signs to fit onto narrower spaces.

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business. Remember that most people walking by this displayed item will take note of the decorations, not the light source, so keep the design simple but beautiful!

Blank walls are their own form of decoration so feel free to play with materials such as pictures, bright colors, or patterned rugs to add some depth to the space! If possible, test out your new lighting system in a less busy area before placing it where there’s more foot traffic.

Think about where you would put the sign

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

When it comes to choosing your lighted marquee, make sure that you know where this display will be located in relation to other things. For example, if it is being used as decoration for an event, then making it full-scale and impressive is fine!

If it is for use at night, consider how the light source of the display can be adjusted. This way you can easily control when it is on and off.

You do not need very bright lights unless the purpose of the display is to get attention. People will start giving weird looks if the signs are too flashy!

Make sure that the cords are concealed so that no one notices them. Also, check out different size displays and see which ones fit your space best.

Is it a distraction?

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

As mentioned before, color is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your lighted sign. The hue you pick for your logo will determine how well people perceive your business!

The average person can recognize about 100 colors. People are very sensitive to strong colors, so make sure yours aren’t too flashy. A good rule of thumb is to choose shades that are neutral. This includes white, gray, and various shades of brown and black.

You don’t want your customers to be distracted by bright colors as they walk away. What kind of company leaves out an essential part of their identity? You wouldn’t hang up a blank canvas would you? So why put something in place that isn’t representative of what you sell?

Another thing to check into is whether the lights actually work. Many companies spend lots of money buying these expensive decorations and they find out months later that they don’t. A lot of times they’re just too expensive to buy at first but then you realize there’s no power source included, etc. – Steve

This article was written by our friends at MightyAmp. MightyAmps have been around since 2002 and consist of some pretty cool gadgets.

Is it safety concerns?

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

While not everyone agrees on what colors look good, there is one clear winner when it comes to popular neutral shades – warm tones!

Why are they so popular? Because people love them! They like them because they feel comfortable. And in our increasingly lit-up world, that feeling is even more prevalent as most of us now have almost constant exposure to light.

So why should you consider investing in lights with color schemes? It’s for the same reason you should invest in any other piece of equipment – to make your life better!

By adding some illumination to parts of your home or business that need it, you can improve your overall quality of life by creating an atmosphere that makes you happy. Plus, research shows that brightening up a room helps reduce stress and depression.

And let’s be honest – whether we like it or not, illuminated signs help create a mood. When someone enters a house that has glowing white walls and carpet, for example, they will probably get the sense that something is going on — maybe a party, or at least lots of activity.

It also gives off a soft, welcoming glow which many people find comforting.

How will customers find the sign?

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

Having adequate business sign lighting can make a difference in how well your business functions. If you don’t have enough light, people won’t be able to see your signs or merchandise easily.

You want to make sure there are sufficient numbers of lights for nighttime use as well as during non-business hours.

During these times, you may want to add additional illumination such as fluorescent bulbs or LED sign panels. Use natural sunlight when possible but ensure that it doesn’t overexpose other areas of your property.

You don’t necessarily need lots of fancy features; simple low-intensity floodlights are all you really need to get going.

Do you have the space?

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

Having the right lighting can make or break your interior design dreams!

Whether it is to set the tone for an area, give people some insight into what areas of the house are, to emphasize something important, or just because you want to enjoy light-hearted entertaining with friends, having good led lighted decorations in your home or business is essential.

Having adequate light usually does not require a large amount of space, however, there are several ways to use lights to maximize their effectiveness.

Here are ten easy tips to consider when looking to purchase new lighted decorations or update current ones for maximum effect.

1. Use The Right Lights For The Area They’ll be Inhabiting

This may seem obvious, but unfortunately, many homeowners get this wrong. Most individuals place floor lamps next to a seating area or bed, for example, which works fine until you need to use the lamp for something else.

If the room has enough natural sunlight, using table lamps in those dark areas will help even out the brightness. If not, invest in wall mounted or track mounted lamps that can be tilted up to direct light where needed.

2. Track Lighting Is A More Versatile Solution

Track lighting allows you to easily control the intensity and shape of the light being cast, as well as how far away the bulbs are from each other. This makes it very versatile for different applications.

How much will the sign cost?

10 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighted Sign For Your Home Or Business

Even though lighted channel letter signs are expensive, you should not be worried about that fact!
As mentioned earlier, lighted outdoor signs can range in price very heavily depending on how many lights they have and what type of materials they use.

However, there is an easy way to stay within budget! By shopping around, you can find low-cost alternatives that give you the same look as the more expensive ones.

There are several companies that produce similar looking lighted products and even some that are cheaper than others. However, none of them compare to the quality of a VPI product.

VPI stands for Video Parabolic Illuminating Technology. This technology was incorporated into the design process of every one of our lighted products.

This means that not only do these products work effectively, but also that they last longer because of this technology.

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