5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs

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5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs. Lighting is one of the most important parts of any business’s marketing strategy. After all, your business depends on it!

Businesses that don’t use lighting are limiting their exposure. Even if you’re in a very popular area, no one will come unless there is a reason for them to come.

With so many ways lighted signs play an integral part in our daily lives, it makes sense that they would be helpful for businesses as well.

Here we will discuss some easy ways to promote your business with lighted signs. You can even do these while you sleep!

I’ll also share my favorite tools for quickly creating beautiful illuminated graphics. So let’s get started!

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Buy advertising space on lighted signs

5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs

Advertising on a lighted sign is one of the best ways to promote your business. There are several types of illuminated signage you can use to advertise, such as digital billboards, movie screens, TV screens, and street lights.

By using this type of advertisement, you will get more exposure for your business. The audience will be able to view your billboard or screen longer because it does not run out of power like normal television or cinema advertisements do.

This is an effective way to market your business as there are no limits on how many people can watch your ad at any given time. People walking around outside may notice your advert and potentially visit your business if something interesting happens that draws their attention.

It’s also cost-effective long term marketing strategy since you only need enough money to buy a short amount of space on the sign instead of buying a large chunk of land with buildings under construction.

Use bright lights at night

5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs

Using lighted signs as marketing tools is one of the best ways to promote your business. More and more businesses are using lighted billboards, vehicle decorations, or even smartphone apps that use light to help market their product or service.

By adding illuminated displays to your advertising repertoire, you can increase exposure for your business and attract new customers’ attention.

There are many different types of advertisements that feature light. Some use very bright flashes or static glow-type lights, while others use holographic technology or patterned lighting designs.

Whatever type of advertisement you choose, there should be an emphasis on drawing attention to the sign rather than the background around it. This way, potential customers will focus on the message instead of the decoration.

For example, if your business offers educational services, then having a flashy ad with lots of moving parts could distract from the content. Instead, keep it simple and sleek to emphasize the important factor—the message.

Use bright lights in the day time

5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs

During daytime, there are many ways you can use lighted signs to promote your business or brand. All of these tips focus more on using light as a tool to showcase your company’s products and services.

By adding illuminated displays to your marketing mix, you become able to emphasize the importance of your product or service by showing it off through different media.

You can create eye-catching displays by using colorful, high intensity bulbs that shine through dark materials like plastics or glass.

Use directional lighting

5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Lighted Signs

Directional light comes from behind or in front of you, but it does not shine directly onto your object. This creates an interesting effect that makes what you are trying to promote more noticeable!

Directional lights usually come from beneath the surface you want to advertise, making the space seem deeper. These types of bulbs are very popular because they are easy to use and cost effective, and most people have them already at home.

You can easily find vendors who sell durable, quality directional nightlights for under $10 each! Many sellers will even include free shipping if you buy a few units. By having these installed into your business, you do not need to worry about buying new signs every time there is a power outage.

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