How Outdoor Business Signage Can Boost Your Sales And Foot Traffic

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How Outdoor Business Signage Can Boost Your Sales And Foot Traffic. Indoor business signs are important, but so are outdoor signage and business colors. While some may think that keeping your business color palette limited to black and white is what will help you market yourself, this isn’t necessarily the case!

Business colors such as green, blue, gray, and red can be very effective in marketing a company’s image while also creating an inviting environment for clients.

Having adequate indoor and outdoor signage is another way to draw attention to your business. By putting in time to design appropriate signage, you’ll give off a more professional appearance and promote awareness of your services.

Outdoor business signs can include yard decorations or large display pieces like billboards or storefronts. This article will discuss how you can use landscaping to promote your business, along with tips for designing your own promotional landscape features.


Landscapes have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they serve a functional purpose too!

Many people enjoy spending time outside exploring different plants and vegetation, observing nature, and studying plant patterns. It has been shown that looking at foliage and other natural textures helps reduce stress and brings about feeling relaxed.

For this reason, adding decorative grass, trees, and bushes to your business’ parking lot or surrounding area can be a great way to promote wellness and relaxation after work. Landscape professionals call these things lawn care products because of this effect.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they have seen in person

When your business does not have enough outdoor signage, you are limiting yourself sales and foot traffic. Most people spend hours every day walking around outside so it is important to recognize that your business does not exist without exposure!

With digital technology expanding the way we live our lives these days, there’s no reason why you can’t take care of all of your advertising needs. You can easily design, edit, store and update your advertisements anywhere, any time!

How Outdoor Business Signage Can Boost Your Sales And Foot Traffic. By having easy access to free or low-cost advertisement resources, you will never feel like you’re missing out when it comes to marketing your business.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they have researched online

Online shopping has become the new normal for most people. With every major store offering easy access to your account, or even just the option to purchase directly from them, it is very difficult to resist the temptation!

Most people enjoy buying things online because of all the features you get with no need to go in person to pick up the product.

You can check out at any time, there’s usually zero delivery cost, and most sites offer free shipping. It is also much easier to compare prices as well as reviews between different sellers before making your choice.

For these reasons, almost everyone these days does some part of their shopping online. What many don’t realize is that this applies not only to small purchases, but big ones too.

A growing number of people do their shopping via the internet full-time. This includes large purchases like furniture and housewares, as well as casual clothing items. More and more people feel comfortable spending money online due to the availability of credit cards that don’t require an in-person visit to accept.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they like

People spend lots of time in outdoor environments, so giving them a sense of calm and relaxation is a great way to win their business!

Running your own business can be stressful at times, which is why having adequate signage for your business is important. When potential customers enter your premises, they will make an impression about you and your company.

They will subconsciously feel either comfortable or uncomfortable depending on whether they recognize the signs and what messages they convey.

How Outdoor Business Signage Can Boost Your Sales And Foot Traffic. Whether it’s your storefront, back patio, or both, investing in quality outdoor signage is worth the cost. Here are some tips on how to use outdoor marketing to boost sales.

Take a look around you- Is there anything missing? If so, create something new to fit into this space. That could mean buying a picture frame, finding someone to do up some shelving, or creating your own with supplies you have already. The possibilities are endless!

Once everything is ready, determine where people would naturally go after leaving the house. Are there any important announcements or information they may have missed while outside? Create an event for these individuals by placing appropriate advertising here.

This article has discussed several ways that outdoor marketing can help grow your business, now let us talk about one of the most essential pieces: pictures.

Pictures tell a story, emphasize key points, and promote engagement. Creating yours can be difficult though, as there are many rules and regulations regarding photo licenses.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they feel comfortable with

Changing how people perceive your business can influence their perception of you as an individual and a company. If someone feels like they need to spend money to connect with you, then it decreases the sale of your product or service.

By creating an interactive experience for outdoor visitors, they will subconsciously feel more connected to your brand and thus make purchases later.

Business owners must consider several factors when designing outdoor marketing signs to include messages, colors, fonts, and pictures. These components all contribute to building trust in your business and promoting engagement.

There is a huge amount of ways businesses use signage to convey their message and grow their audience. A perfect example is The North Face, a clothing manufacturer. They use different types of signage to promote different products.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they feel passion for

When your customers sense a passionate desire to purchase from you, they will do so with greater frequency and increase their spending in-store. They will also come back time after time because they want to spend money on you!

As an outdoor business owner, creating a feeling of passion for your brand is one of the most important things you can do to boost sales.

Here are some tips to create a lasting impression by investing in great outdoor signage.

Understand The Importance Of Branding

Your branding is what people recognize about your company and what sets it apart from the competition. For example, Amazon uses its well known logo and font style to make their online shopping experience easy and pleasant.

Just like how Amazon designs their logos and fonts, large corporations use strong branding to convey their message and influence perception.

By and large, people perceive companies with strong branding as being more trustworthy and qualified. This impacts whether or not people will invest in their products and services or not.

For this reason, investing in quality outdoor advertising materials such as signs, banners and vehicle wraps is essential to the success of your business.

At I Love You Graphics, we have seen first hand the powerful effect good marketing strategies have on business growth. That is why we only hire professional graphic designers to help your business look its best.

We have worked with many brands in several industries and always receive amazing results.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they associate with good quality

When was the last time you went into a large, expensive mall or store and didn’t spend any money? If you’re like most people my age (over 30), it’s hard to remember!
As we all know, malls and stores rely heavily on passing shoppers to keep their businesses running.

By creating an outdoor advertising space for your business, you can boost sales and foot traffic.

Most major city markets have at least one restaurant or shop that has great reviews and lots of business.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they associate with a good brand


When potential customers see your business logo, it subconsciously brands you as an intelligent and trustworthy company. They feel confident coming to you for help or recommendations!

By having adequate outdoor marketing signage, your business will be seen by passing motorists, pedestrians, and people walking through the area.

This helps promote your business name and encourages others to do business with you. It also creates exposure and recognition for your product or service.

There are many ways to use outdoor marketing signs to promote your business. Some of these include; billboards, digital billboard ads, vehicle graphics, storefronts, etc.

In this article, we will talk about how outdoor business sign design can aid in drawing attention to your business and what types of designs work best.

Customers are more likely to buy products that they can try on

Many stores rely heavily on online shopping or trips to nearby boutiques for big purchases. With the explosion of mobile technology, this has become even easier.

But what about those people who don’t have access to either? Or, you as an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing strategies?

That is where it becomes tricky.

While buying online may be your go-to solution, there are ways to help your business grow by offering in-store experiences. This includes supporting local clothing brands, hosting fashion events, and creating outdoor signage to promote your business.

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