Easy Certification with New EFI Fiery Service with GWG

Electronics For Imaging, Inc., has launched a new service that makes it easy for print service providers to achieve Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 Conformance Certification for digital presses and printers using EFI™ Fiery® digital front end (DFE) print servers. Available at http://fiery.efi.com/gwg, the new certification offering uses the proven and trusted PDF test suite from the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), an international organization of graphic arts users, associations and developers committed to building best practices for publishing and packaging workflows.EFI

With the new certification service, print and packaging service providers can easily prove they can print PDF files correctly, and better promote themselves as a partner of choice to existing and potential customers. Once certified, they receive a digital badge to show their PDF output workflow is compliant with the PDF/X-4 standard (ISO 15930-7:2010) for use on their website and for other marketing purposes. Certified companies also have their name and location displayed on the international Ghent Workgroup site, further promoting their ability to deliver consistent, accurate and high-quality printed output.

Available now, the service is $399 in North America.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this exciting new service in partnership with the Ghent Workgroup,” said EFI Fiery VP of Sales and Marketing John Henze. “Print producers are very familiar with conformance to color standards and what that means in terms of expected results, happy customers, and reduced waste – the interpretation of PDF files needs to be thought of in the same way, it’s equally as important. On the latest Fiery DFEs, set up for certification and ongoing conformance takes seconds, unlike competitive solutions. Plus, we’ve made this service very easy and very affordable to encourage Fiery DFE users to take this important step to higher quality, and more reliable prints.”

The steps to achieving this highly respected industry certification take less than an hour, and just a few clicks. Print businesses that use EFI Fiery DFEs on their digital equipment for cutsheet or wide-format production can simply order the certification service from EFI by filling out an online form. EFI then electronically sends personalized Ghent Workgroup test forms along with a short video on how to set up their Fiery server to achieve a pass.

Once they print the forms, Fiery users can simply take photos of their output using a smartphone and transmit the images to EFI for evaluation of each test element required for certification. EFI and the Ghent Workgroup can complete the certification within a week of receiving output photos.

EFI Fiery DFEs are designed with the ability to easily create the correct PDF/X-4 output required for Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 Conformance Certification. On the latest Fiery DFE platform for cutsheet printers, generating certification-compliant output only requires selecting a single check box in Fiery JobExpert™ – EFI’s powerful, breakthrough technology for automated optimal PDF print production.

“We are delighted that EFI is joining us in this effort,” said GWG Chair David Zwang. “The test form consists of six pages, and especially with the newer generation of Fiery servers, EFI has made it easy to submit and print them. Once approved, the certification is valid for two years and can be a key differentiator for print and packaging service providers as they continue with existing customers and work to gain new ones – especially in a highly competitive environment where customers are increasingly focused on the quality of their printed products.”

To apply for Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 Conformance Certification using Fiery Driven™ printers, visit fiery.efi.com/GWG.

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