Women in Signs, Unite

WHAT AN OUTSTANDING group of winners we have for our second annual Women in Signs award! (See page 22.) Congratulations to the deserving recipients and my personal thanks to everyone who nominated someone (or themselves), our panel of distinguished judges who did the hard work of choosing the best of the best, and Managing Editor Christina Green for her terrific work organizing, promoting and writing the award feature.

Join us for a celebration at the ISA International Sign Expo in Atlanta in Booth #2449 on May 5 at 4 p.m. Everyone at Signs of the Times is anxious to get back to in-person tradeshow events, and we can think of nothing better than to resume by toasting our 2022 Women in Signs award winners!

Meanwhile, my head is still buzzing with fascinating data from last month’s debut Big Survey issue (signsofthetimes.com/042201). But we do data every month in our regular department, Buzz Session with the Brain Squad (see page 58).

This month, we present feedback for both “How much have your overall costs increased?” and “How much has your overall pricing increased?” While costs have increased by 10% or more for 7 out of 10 respondents, pricing has increased 10% or more for only 4 in 10. A lag between passing higher costs along through higher prices is normal, but from all indications, if you haven’t already raised prices recently, now is the time to do it.

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5 Smart Tips from This Issue

  1. Dye sublimation is the main method of printing soft signage, a growing market. (Tech Products, p. 16)
  2. Businesses welcoming customers back are refreshing their point-of-purchase signs. (Front and Center, p. 32)
  3. Pre-treat the caps of marquee light bulbs to prevent corrosion and early failures. (Mars Bravo, p. 46)
  4. Explain tech talk and jargon to customers the way you do with new employees. (Maggie Harlow, p. 48)
  5. Do the hard parts first and finish everything in place when vehicle wrapping. (Mark Kissling, p. 52)


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