Nazdar Adds QR Codes to Product Labels

Nazdar Ink Technologies (Stockport, UK) has added QR codes to the labels of the majority of its ink products, allowing customers to access key information by scanning the codes with a mobile device.

When scanned, the codes allow customers to view the full technical data sheet for each product. These data sheets contain core information about the inks such as the type of substrates they can be used with, how they should be stored and the potential applications they can be used to produce. The sheets also include safety and regulatory information.

“We do have [the data sheets] on our website, but that requires some navigation to view, whereas the QR codes make this technical data instantly accessible,” said Bruce Ridge, director of technical service. “For many of the inks, the QR code gets you to the technical data sheet, user guides and color cards. It just makes things easier for our end user customers.”

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