Enhancing Digital Print Performance: FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS


New FOME-COR® SIRIUS and DISPA® SIRIUS with ColorPRO Technology—a set of paper enhancement technologies that visibly enrich inkjet print quality—have been introduced by 3A Composites USA in conjunction with HP.

FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS—the first and exclusive graphic display boards to feature HP ColorPRO Technology—were developed through a multi-year collaboration between 3A Composites and HP to enable printing system performance that delivers color excellence in digital printing.

FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS graphic display boards were developed to exploit the unique capabilities of the newly announced HP PageWide XL Pro printers, which are designed to print to rigid substrates up to 10mm thick and 40 inches wide at high quality and exceptional print speeds. FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS with ColorPRO Technology are custom engineered to work with these printers and deliver unparalleled performance.

By incorporating ColorPRO Technology, these exclusive rigid substrates conform to a strict set of industry-leading specifications and utilize advanced technologies designed to deliver noticeable performance benefits, including:

  • Higher black optical density and wider color gamut versus standard, uncoated papers;
  • Sharper details, lines, and text for clear, eye-catching graphics;
  • Trouble-free, high-impact graphics with greater color saturation and lower ink consumption; and
  • Rapid ink absorption and rapid drying times enabling fast and easy printing.

“We at 3A Composites are excited to extend our FOME-COR and DISPA product collections with FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS featuring ColorPRO Technology,” said Chuck Kunze, director, product management and marketing, 3A Composites USA. “FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRUS both are designed to provide enhanced image quality and faster printing speeds for print providers looking to expand their businesses through the adoption of this technology. We are proud to have partnered with HP—one of the world’s leading technology pioneers in printing—to develop these revolutionary new products.”

FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS—both lightweight-yet-strong rigid substrates—are ideal for short-term promotional campaigns and can be used to create point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays, menus, posters, hanging signs, window displays, and tradeshow displays and exhibits.

FOME-COR SIRIUS features a foam-centered core that will pillow when die cut to create a closed edge or unique three-dimensional embossing effects.

As a 100 percent recyclable formed paper board, DISPA SIRIUS offers a “green” solution for short-term promotional campaigns; it is manufactured with 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified paper (FSC®-C169891).

Both FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS are available in B1standard sheet sizes (27.6-by-39.4 inches/700-by-1000mm).

FOME-COR SIRIUS is available in both 3/16-inch (5mm) and 3/8-inch (10mm) sheet thicknesses with white foam and bright white paper liners with ColorPRO Technology.

DISPA SIRIUS is available in the 3.3mm sheet thickness with bright white paper with ColorPRO Technology.

For more information about FOME-COR SIRIUS and DISPA SIRIUS, call (800) 626-3365.

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