Signmakers Sound Off on Music in the Shop

Yes: 85%

  • Absolutely! In fact, walking through each department is a different experience each day. We give our team the freedom to play whatever they like in their space. Music is like coffee; you may not think you need it, but, man, does it keep the team moving! — Bob Chapa, Signarama | Metro Detroit, Troy, MI
  • We are an eclectic group and the music vibe changes from day to day: oldies (’70s, ’80s, ’90s), country, Motown, classic rock. I draw the line on hardcore, angry or explicit. — Stephanie McEwen, SignCraft Solutions, Wake Forest, NC
  • Music sets the mood. It makes the shop more upbeat. Sometimes the guys use their earbuds and listen to their own music, and sometimes we play music over speakers for the whole shop. The mood always seems elevated when the music is played throughout the shop, not just listened to through their earbuds. — Catherine Bacot, Wraps For Less, Orlando, FL

  • Local radio. — Mike Crosley, Northeastern Sign Corp., South Colton, NY
  • Each office or staff member has their own computer to listen to what they want, and our warehouse staffers switch out music choices daily (nothing client-offensive, though). — Derek Atchley, Atchley Graphics, Columbus, OH
  • Whoever gets into the shop first controls the radio, so it is a very diverse music selection. — Robert Burke, Burke Enterprise, Oakdale, CT
  • Classic rock. Not loud, just as background. You may catch me playing my electric yard stick, lol. Not in tune well. — Frank Sarra, Sarra Signs, Candia, NH

No: 15%

  • My shop is talk radio. — Jeffrey Cross, Cross Signs, Seminole, FL
  • Have TV on the news or the weather. — Jim Mitchell, Signarama Mobile, Mobile, AL

QUESTION: If you could add a significant, different and new type of signwork to your sign company, what would it be?
Electric sign fabrication/installation
High-volume digital printing
Vehicle wraps/graphics installation
Sign installation/maintenance
Other: CNC routing, digital displays, neon, hand-crafted signs, awnings, soft signage, consulting and prototyping
QUESTION: What is the chief reason you are not already doing that new work (from above, left) at your company?
Can’t afford the equipment
Don’t have the space
Don’t have trained people
Uncertainty about that market
Other: Too expensive, UL requirements prohibitive, not enough volume, too much regular business, opportunity hasn’t come along
QUESTION: How long do you think it will take before you are offering that new work (from above, left) at your company?
Less than two years
About two or three years
Within five years
Within 10 years
I don’t see it happening : (

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